Thursday, July 8, 2010

Success...sort of

A few successful projects in the last while, and a few that need a little "adjusting". My roadside numbers turned out ok. I was not able to get a stencil for the letters and numbers and I had to free hand them, which is normally not a problem, but a little trickier on a rounded surface and trying to make them all the same size was a bit of a challenge as well, but as Mr. O says,"those imperfections will never be seen from an airplane". The flowers were not exactly what I wanted either, but again, "they're ok".

The birdbaths were much easier to assemble than expected. I haven't seen any birds "bathing" yet, but they look nice, so I 'm ok with that too. And really who bathes in front of an audience? Maybe they are just a bit shy...and wait for me to leave before splashing about in their little bathtubs. I like to think so anyway.

The birdfeeders on the other hand need a little tweaking. Mr O came to the rescue and did the drilling through the glass pieces that I needed done,and he came through with some great suggestions for the actual constructing of these little gems. Truth be told he actually did as much (or more) of the assembling of this project than I did. During construction we tossed around the idea that maybe the base of the feeders needed to be a bit bigger, but we used what we had and thought we would give it a try. However I need to change the bottom of the feeders because ther is not enough of a lip on the bottom plate for the birds to perch on while eating...and it has been suggested that possibly they resemble a hive and that is why my feathered friends are staying away. They sure look nice though...don't you agree.

Been busy with company too. Had a great time with my son and his family.  I have also volunteered at the local library/museum making curtains for the windows,and today they are having a strawberry social. I have biscuits to make and and I am also working at he door selling tickets. I decided yesterday to make a bag to donate to the cause. They always do the strawberry social as a fundraiser, and usually one of the local ladies donates a small quilted project to sell tickets on to help boost the funds. She is dealing with health issues this year and is away for treatments so I decided to step up to the plate and make something. I made a quilted tote/purse. It is in reds and whites with a bit of green. Perfect "strawberry social" colors don't you think?
It still needs a button sewn on so I won't have pictures til tomorrow, and I have to make my biscuits yet, so I really must run. Happy summer!


HollyM said...

My, you have been busy. Those baths and feeders are beautiful! I've seen the directions for them somewhere. Did you have to use a diamond bit and how are they put together? The birds will bathe in them I'm sure. i have a concrete one, and they love it.

bArb said...

It;s tomorrow! I wnat o see the bag. and I love the bird feeder! great idea. I too have made the baths and they are alwfully easy and cute, i do agree.! Wish you were here at Mom├Ęs too!

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