Monday, December 31, 2012


1. A small piece of food.
2. A tasty delicacy; a tidbit.
3. A small amount; a piece: a morsel of gossip.
4. One that is delightful and extremely pleasing.

According to WIKIPEDIA this is the definition of morsel.
Let's concentrate on #4
A perfect definition for this month's AYOS project!
"One that is delightful and pleasing"

As far as l am concerned the size of this project (considering it was December; the busiest month of the year) was completely delightful!
It became part of a Christmas gift for a very dear friend, who found it very pleasing.
Just like the Wikipedia folks said! "One that is delightful and extremely pleasing."

If you need further proof of just how delightful and pleasing Carrie Nelsons Morsel pincushion pattern is, just take a look at the ones Sue made....

Now how delightful are they?

This is a perfect little project when you only have a little time but you want to make something special for someone. There are five different styles of pin cushions included in the pattern; it's really easy!
The pattern can be purchased as a pdf file on line from
A few little scraps of fabric and a bit of trim and a couple of cups of crushed walnut shells as a filler(recommended by Carrie) and voila! A delightful and pleasing little gift.
If you go to Carrie's blog she gives you all kinds of tips for different looks and ways to distress and "antique-ize" them; different kinds of fillers and everything you ever wanted to know about making delightful and pleasing pin cushions!
Just look on the left hand column under Random Stuff.

The perfect end to Another Year of Schnibles. Thanks Sinta and Sherry for hosting!
If you want to see more pin cushions check out the parade...

What a perfect way to start the new year, front row seats at a parade!

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