Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Any One still reading?

For the last month I have neglected to blog because I just didn't have time to write in depth what I wanted to. So much has been happening I can't even begin to try to re-cap. Renovations are going well, but slow. As if I didn't have enough going on I decide to overhaul the main bathroom as well. I figured if I couldn't be at the cottage enjoying things there I might as well be getting at some of the jobs that needed doing here. Hopefully in the next day or two I will have finished pics of that project. Flooring is done, painting is done, I just need to finish the shower curtains and window valance. ...oh yeah and paint one more cabinet. I am doing all this with a pinched nerve in my neck for the last 9 days and let me tell you it is painful!!!

In the last week or so Mom has been admitted to hospital with a total bowel blockage and has had to have emergency surgery. Dr's were  thinking her cancer may have returned, but thankfully it hadn't. After surgery she ended up in ICU with complications to her lungs and recovery from surgery on the second anniversary of being in ICU with the car accident of 2 years ago. Now today they find that the internal sutures have given way; the bowel is leaking internally and she is back in emergency surgery again as we speak. Dr. tells me the one thing we have going for us is that she has been on 2 i.v.'s of  antibiotics for the infection in her lungs so that will help fight the bacteria in her system. I will be leaving for Ontario again in just 3 days.

Hang in there Mom. I will see you Thursday!

Mr. O is away on business, and returns on Wed. evening and I leave at 6 a.m. on Thursday.

And just to add a bit of insult to injury, our beautiful summer getaway was burgled some time in the last week. Mr. O went to cut the grass on Saturday and found our guest house broken into. All locks cut with a bolt cutter. Our boat and motor and trailer stolen along with the kayak, life jackets, multiple gas cans, chain saw, brush cutter, Honda outboard motor for the canoe and we are not sure what else. Why is it that so many of us work so hard for the things we want in life and others just walk in take what they want not considering  anyone else?

View from my lounge chair the last weekend we were at the cottage.

I have 3 very busy days ahead with electrical contractors here at the house, insurance reports for the thefts, dr. appointments  and various other things, so please don't give up on me. I will be back!

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