Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Long Drive today

We were on the road before 6:30am.and only stopped at 6:00 p.m. We did however cross a time zone losing an hour so it made it seem longer than it really was. The Holiday Inn Express in Erie, PA is where we call home for tonight. I am still wearing sandals but not for much longer I fear.

We are crossing over into Canada tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed for us. I really hope we get a friendly cooperative crossing guard because having to unpack our vehicle at Customs will not be a pretty site!
I finished two quilts today on our drive...I had sewed the bindings on but both of them needed to be hand stitched. Spending almost 11 hours in the car was just what I needed to get the job done.
This brings my total to 4 finished quilts while away. Of course I did several other projects too but,  I can brag talk about that later.

My first finish was Harvey...a large Schnibble pattern by Carrie Nelson. When I saw this pattern there was no doubt in my mind that I would be doing it because Harvey was my maiden name.

Of course you already know that my sister Barb and I did this together. Here is hers...

Although made from the same pattern they are as different as we are.
I had several other finishes in between but the next quilt finish for me another Carrie Nelson pattern called Quadrille

In progress, and then....

I even used leftovers to piece the back.

Finish #3 was a kit I brought from home; actually #1 & #2 also came with me from home.

This one is a brushed cotton and flannel snowball quilt from a kit I had purchased in my travels a couple years ago. 

Warm and cozy, just the way a quilt should be!

Finish #4 was a kit I purchased this winter in Mesa. It is called Flower Stalls. I saw it when Mr O brought me to a quilt shop on my birthday, and I didnt buy it, but the next time I went back to the shop I eyed it up again and said, "no, I don't need it", but the third time I went back, I just knew I wanted it, so it came home with me that day and it really was a breeze to do up. The fabrics were so different and colourful and really not what I would normally make but I found it so cheerful that I just couldn't resist.

Because I have not blogged in so long there is just so much to tell/show you but hey I'll just throw a little in every now. I will leave you with a photo of a small purchase I made at the last quilt show I went to just a couple days before leaving. I had started packing and knew there was not much room but I figured if there was room for me, there would be room for it.

Time for bed, another big travel day tomorrow. Another handwork project waiting for me...

From Mesa to Metropolis

No I am not talking about Superman's Metropolis. The Metropolis I mean is across the river from Paducah Kentucky. 
Paducah just happens to be the home of the National Quilt Museum and a huge Quilt Convention every April. I am a couple weeks too early for the convention but I did have a couple hours to spend at the museum. WHAT A TREAT!

On entering the lobby I met a very friendly woman at the desk and I liked her instantly...and no it was not just because she couldn't believe I qualified for a senior discount! Well Okay maybe that had a little to do with it. <grin>
I gave her some i.d. And paid my admission. She told me to be sure and see the wooden quilt in the conference room before leaving, so while waiting for my tour guide I thought I would go see the wooden quilt. I went in the room and took notice of several stained glass windows in a quilt pattern, and one modern quilt on the opposite wall.

No wooden quilts in that room so I moved on. Took a peek in the next room and glanced into the gift shop, and by then my guide had arrived, so I decided to look for the wooden quilt later. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pics of any kind in the touching, no pictures...pure torture! I was so blown away by the workmanship. I especially wanted to see a quilt called Ms. McDonald's Farm because one of the ladies who worked on this collaborative project is a friend and fellow quilter in our little group in Mesa, Arizona.

(Photo courtesy of American Quilter

This photo does not come close to doing this quilt justice, but believe me when I say it was a real feast for the eyes! Well done Mary Fran and friends!
There was a nine patch display. Quilts from the 1800's to 2014.  Truley inspirational!
Check them out here
The miniature quilt display was almost unbelievable. It was all I could do not to sneak a photo or two, but I behaved...honest.
On my way out of the gallery my guide said don't forget to check the gift shop and the wooden quilt...ah yes...the wooden quilt. Off I went again in search of the wooden quilt. I had seen a wooden quilt last week, done with wooden blocks where you can play around and change the pattern as you wish so this was what I expected to see. Back into the conference room and i walked up to the quilt on the wall only to see that it was indeed made of wood! Standing 6" away from it, I still had a hard time to believe it was not fabric. Painted in flat paint gave it a fabric appearance and it had folds in it hanging over the display rod. Beside it was a cross section of a piece of a cast off. 


A few small purchases ( museum pin, a charm, and a mug) from the shop and it was closing time. 
There was a lot more that caught my eye but The car is a bit loaded down...

It's hard to believe winter is over and we are on our way home. It has been a wonderful return trip so far. Hamilton, Missouri with a big stop at Missouri Star Quilt Company, hitting some amazing quilt shops, taking a break at Big Cedar Lodge outside of Branson Missouri.
I am still wearing sandals but I am told that that might change by the time I reach New Brunswick...we'll see....

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