Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest We Forget

I will be away from home this Remembrance Day and I'm not sure exactly where Remenbrance Day services will be here in Regina, but I may get to attend. I contemplated just not going because the weather is so bitterly cold and I am not sure if the ceremonies are indoors or out, and I really do not have warm clothing because after all I am on my way to Arizona ans was not expecting such harsh weather so early in the season.
This morning when Mr.O and I went for a walk, I peeked at the weather App on my phone before heading out. BAD MOVE! I almost changed my mind when I saw this...

MINUS 23 WITH THE WIND CHILL ! (Arizona is looking gooder and gooder to this chilled gal!)
This is just November, and it is not even officially winter yet, goodness me, the "warming" part of Global Warming seems to have bypassed this province!

Getting back to my original topic, so often the weather is cold or rainy and windy and miserable and I would like to just stay home where it is warm and dry instead of standing outside freezing at at Remembrance Day Ceremony, but I think of how many soldiers spent many cold, lonely, frightening hours in a muddy, stinking trench for my freedom, and all of a sudden an hour in the cold to pay my repects seems a very small way to say "thank you for your service."

After spending a month in Normandy France last year and walking the landing beaches and walking through the trenches and standing very humbly at the Canadian War Memorial, there are so many days through the year I thank a veteran. Seeing the rows of crosses and the photos and reading diaries and accounts of some of the hardships, has made Remembrance Day a regular occurance in my mind...not just on November 11.
So I will try to find a ceremony in the city tomorrow to pay my respects, and I hope where ever you are you will do the same.

"We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, loved and were loved..."  

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