Sunday, June 1, 2014

That time of the Month...

It would beem I am becoming a monthly blogger. I really hope that changes. I enjoy writing and it is a good record for me when my memory does not always serve me well. My last blog post was to "show off" a couple of items for the Schnibbles Parade and it is that time of the month again, so guess what?
Yup! More schnibbles and another parade. The last one till Fall. As much as I enjoy them I have to say I am kind of happy for the break because I have a several projects that I have committed to that really need to get made this summer.
It has been a busy month...catching up on things here at home, a mini retreat with my quilting buddies, a trip to Ontario for family business, a couple rounds of company, painting the front and back steps ans decks outside, yard work and making a baby quilt.(my schnibbles for this month)
The painting job turned out well. The side entry really needed sprucing up. With prospective buyers visiting the house first impressions are important.

A new mat and...

A cheery pot of pansies atop an antique stool, and 
Revamped wreath for the door...

A friendly rooster to "how doodle you do" , along with fresh coat of paint was just what this entry needed.

I have one other thing I want to do but I need to pick up something in town next trip. I will share pics when i get it done.

Sue and I both made our Schnibbles into baby quilts this month. It is always good to have a baby quilt on hand. The pattern this month is called X rated, and I lucked out and didnt have to order the pattern because I have all of Carries books and this pattern is one of them.

Sue made her quilt scrappy and I just love it! The colours are so pretty. Well done Sue!

As you can probably see, Sue has hers quilted and bound! 
I on the other hand just have a "flimsy" to show this month. Once I get moved to the cottage I hope to get it and several other pieces quilted and bound....we'll see...

My baby quilt is made with Woodland by Natalie Lymer of Cinder erry Stitches

I only had one charm pack so I had to change things up a bit and do solid borders, but I think it came together okay for what i had on hand. 

Hopefully next post will be from the cottage. I have some fun things planned for the month of June; hopefully they will materialize!

I leave you with a photo from my May calendar made me smile every time I looked at it.

Go ahead and try it..

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