Thursday, October 28, 2010

I apologize for keeping you waiting so long

So sorry for taking so long to post the winner. As I said Mr. O was away so I wanted to have several witnesses when the winning name was picked.
I took the names and the prize with me to the retreat because I knew that three of the participants of the draw would be attending the retreat.   There was an awful lot of whining going on because their name was not picked. At one point in the evening I was even concerned that the charm pack had gone missing... it did eventually show up hidden under my notions case. The pressure was quite intense at times.

The winner of the 100 scrappy charm  pack is Martha!

It really was all in fun although they did assure me that if you did not respond to the e-mail notifying you of your winnings they were expecting to have their names added to the "re-drawing".
Martha would you please get back to  me with your full name and address so I can drop your prize in the mail.

 I will post a pic of what I worked on at retreat...and all I can say is HOORAY!!!
It is finished! ...well almost finished...I am over half finished piecing the back and then it is off to the long arm quilter.

It is not an especially clear photo, but I had a friend send it to me from her camera. Hope to post another when the binding is on it.

I have spoken to Mr. O and he is having some unique experiences in Australia. Went out for supper with some co-workers and had crocodile and kangaroo for an appetizer; and guess what? The crocodile tasted like He really did not have anything to compare the taste of kangaroo to, but others said it was similar to horse! Blech!


Linda H said...

Love, love, love your Winter Wonderland quilt Wendy!! Looks great!!

HollyM said...

It is a beautiful quilt! Sorry about the fuzziness. It was too far away I think.

Martha said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to receive the charm pack. This is the first giveaway that I have won. Thank you again.

bArb said...

well Sis...I'll try this again....
It is gorgeoous and what a great feeling it must be to know it is ready to be stitched and what a treated to have been able to have memories now of having worked in it with such special friends!!! Well done! I love it!

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