Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning
 Every fall after starting to move back from the cottage we bring in boxes and totes and bags of things we have shuffled from one living space to the other. Then I have to find a place to put them. Now you would think that the space I "took" them from would be empty, but it never seems to work that way and I feel like I am surrounded by stuff that is slowly closing in on me.
When my home feels cluttered my mind feels cluttered. When my home is tidy and clutter free I mentally feel so much better. So today I am going to start my "Spring" cleaning. I know it's October but I have been playing catch up for over a year now so for me it is Spring Cleaning time. I have painting that needs to be done, drawers to be tidied, closets to uncluttered, curtains to be washed...Looking at it now, the job seems insurmountable but I have read where Mark Twain said,

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” 

That's my plan, one small job at a time.  

Here's a few vacation pics ( and a little history lesson before I go.)

See the sign on the gate? This is a working church; and so quaint in comparison to all the huge cathedrals we looked at.

 This is a little church  in a community called Heddon-on-The-Wall. Strange name for a town, but not if you know some of the history. It is built beside the remains of Hadrian's Wall. 

In actual fact most of this ancient little community is built with stone/rock from Hadrian's Wall.

Hadrian's Wall was built by the Romans in AD 122. It was planned as a continuous wall with a "milecastle" every Roman mile and 2 turrets equally spaced between each mile. The wall with it's defensive ditches and large forts stretched from coast to coast; a distance of 80 Roman miles (approximately 120km). It formed the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. It was not all built to the planned 3 meter width, perhaps to save time and resources. At Heddon is the longest surviving section of the broad wall. Some of the foundation stones weigh over a tonne each. It is a Unesco World Heritage Site

Detail over the entryway into 
 Rosslyn Chapel. It is touted as being one of the most mysterious places in Scotland. It is feautured in the book, 'The Da Vinci Code', as the place where the holy grail is supposedly buried.

Inside detail. 
It is also a working church.

I detested History when I was in high school and I really can't imagine why, because I find it so interesting today. I still don't have a head for all the dates, but the events are so intriguing.
Mind you we had a tour director that made it sound so interesting and with his BBC acting background he made some of the scenes come alive!

Mr. O standing at the 18th hole at St. Andrew's Golf Course. What a spot. Just to the right of the 18th hole is a marvellous may recognize it from a scene in Chariots of Fire.

Awesome scenery. While there we were treated to an air show featuring a spitfire and 2 other planes honouring the anniversary of The Battle Of Britain.

Well I am off to start my "spring cleaning" on this beautiful October day!

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HollyM said...

I so agree with that quote. I really live my life that way.
I love the over the arch picture. I have something planned for my workshop in April that I think that picture would be really good for.

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