Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

      I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked, but I think the biggest accomplishment was just starting. I got some shelves cleaned, two kitchen cupboards cleaned a few drawers tidied and sorted. Took down 3 light fixtures and cleaned them, cooked a nice supper and even threw in time for a walk.

Not too much going on today; I signed on for a drawing class. Should be interesting.
Do You remember Jon Gnagy?


When I was a young girl we used to watch a television show. Jon Gnagy, Learn To Draw. Did you ever watch it? Jon made it look so easy and really whet my appetite for learning to draw? More than once I put a "Learn To Draw Kit" on my list to Santa and I know for sure that I received it at least once.


I have always doodled, but Jon you may be pleased to know I am going to try again. We'll see how much I remember. 

Just like my "Spring Cleaning" it won't all happen in one day, but I am curious to see if it still interests me as much as it used to.

While on my walk yesterday I was approached by a neighbour who is doing major renovations. She knew I was looking for a couple of window frames and had one for me. We are still going through our vacation photos, but I am hoping to decide on 3 to put in this frame and hang in our bedroom.

Scottish images

Some of these were captured through the window of the coach on the fly, so they may not be the best quality, but aren't the moors and highlands beautiful?


Loch Ness

Eilean Donan Castle near The Isle of Skye

Wild Blackberries so abundant

One of many, many, many stone walls with so much character.

Describe Scotland in 20 words or less.
Castles, battles, stone walls, castles, heather, highlands, moors, mist, blackberries, sheep, (did I mention castles?) pipes, kilts, plaids, and of course haggis!


bArb said...

heh, Sis, glad to hear you are going to take p drawing lessons.... you always enjoyed doodling. just like Mom...but oh not me! I can't even draw stick people.Enjoy, you will excell at and I will look forward to seeing some of the finished works of art. but in the mean time keep sharing your holiday photo's. quite enjoy them///big hugs to you this wonderful morning!

Heather said...

more lovely photos. Specially the pic of the Heather. I know what you mean about getting started. EAch little bit that you get finished is progress. I have been wanting to make some bags to carry my fencing gear. I spent a little time each day this past week and now the three bags are finished. I'll write about them in my blog on tuesday. Good luck with the drawing classes. Sounds like fun.

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