Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Look What I Dug Out

I am still in the midst of cleaning and purging things, although in the purging dept I am not doing that well. I just know that when you get rid of something you will want that very thing before long. It doesn't matter that you didn't even remember that you owned it... just one of those "Murphy's Laws" type of things I suppose.
One of the things I dug out to try to make headway on is this quilt.

I am embarrassed to say how long this has been a work in progress. I really love it and am not quite sure why it is not finished yet, but I do know that I will never get it finished if I don't work on it, and I won't work on it if I don't leave it out where I can see it. I'm going to aim for one hour a day of hand stitching. I may even leave a little journal beside my chair to actually record the time spent stitching...
Are you tired of vacation photos yet? I'm not...I have spent hours over our photos trying to decide which ones are my favorites; which ones I want to frame; which ones I should get rid of. I mean how many pictures do I need of Big Ben?
How about a few amusing and curious shots?

One of the many "human" statues along the Queens Promenade in London...quite entertaining.  I have played around with the color a bit.

Sign in the window of a wool shop in York. It was only 9:15ish so I missed out.
Trees growing from the chimneys.

Complicated eaves trough, but I had to smile at the living greenery over the doorway.
I have a Henry vacuum at the cottage. Didn't know they were made in the UK

Ancient "indoor plumbing" in The Tower of London. Enough said!
Not quite so ancient, but often seen in public "loos".

Another public "loo" curiosity. "One stop shopping" so to speak, (well not quite one stop). Press left button for soap. Press middle button for water. Press right button to dry.
In case you are wondering I am not fixated with restrooms, but you have to admit,  these were a bit different.

In St. Ives the streets are rather narrow; yes? The highways are not a whole lot roomier. There were many times when we had to stop and back up when meeting another coach on the hi-way. 

Easy to understand why we saw these road signs quite often.

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love the vacation photos.

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