Friday, April 30, 2010

I am trying...

to be content. With the dismal weather; with all the unsettlement in my life right now; with things I can't change; with me. Not so content mind you that I quit striving to better myself, but content enough to know life is a journey and somethings just take time, and sometimes plans have to change; and that I really have a lot to be thankful for.
Here are a few pics to go with my last entry.
R.I.P.   Mia

Madison just 30 minutes after birth.

Hello Madison, I am your Nanny!

Inspecting the "New Toy"

Mike and his Biker Chic

 Madison Kimberly..just 2 weeks old. She looks so much older but weighing at in at 9lbs gave her a headstart.

Great Gramma and Great great Auntie sporting our new tattoos. Michelle said, "Don't smile; look tough!"
They say "Born to Quilt" and yes they washed off!

a sleeping angel in her great grandpa's arms.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Alone

Here I sit, home alone ...thought I would post a picture of March and the better part of April as I caught it whizzing by. Wow!
Snow storms
Delayed flights
Baby's being born
Cuddling a beautiful grandbaby
Family pets dieing...long story
New Harley Davidsons and Tattoos
New jobs
Baby showers
Time spent with family
Quilting and Fabric buying
Packing, unpacking, packing...
Tearful goodbyes
did I mention travelling ?
Just one day home ...and then days and nights at the hospital
Code blues,blood transfusions,catheters and i.v's, short restless nights
Cancelled marathon runs...
Company. Husband away on business trips
Nursing home business
Tickets purchased and tickets cancelled for trips to Ontario
Hospital visits
Relief at the improvement of a loved one
Another business trip for hubby in a couple days, allowing me to hold down the fort for another week...
Just ask me if I am looking forward to a trip in September...go ahead ask me!

Just 130 more sleeps!

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