Friday, May 21, 2010

Just when you thought I was gone forever; here I am

Back from Mom's. It was to be a quick trip this time. Arriving on the 10th and coming back home on the 19th.
As some of you know my departure FOR Mom's was delayed because my Mother-in law was very ill and hospitalized. Well my departure FROM Mom's was very nearly delayed as well. Poor Mom. The afternoon before I was to leave, hurt herself quite badly. She was carrying a cup of hot soup and fell, scalding her left hand and arm, bruising and cutting her chin, and breaking her right hand; yes the hand that was so badly injured in the accident last July. She was so discouraged and hurting that I very nearly cancelled my flight home. If it was not that I had appointments here at home I may have stayed longer. Dear sweet Mr. O said to me on the phone that morning, "Well if you have to cancel and stay longer, go ahead..." I know that was not an easy thing to say considering I have been away so much in the last year.

I did arrive home close to midnight Wednesday, absolutely exhausted. It was a very full 9 days to say the least. Doctors appointments, Lawyers appointments, Social Services, Nuring Home appointments, getting my brother settled in his new accomodations, chores for Mom which included painting, sewing, shopping, etc.
I am tired.
 I am home for 6 days and then gone again. Remember the Ottawa Marathon? Well it is coming up the last weekend of May. I have not had any time to walk lately, but hope to try to get back in the swing of things today.
Sewing and quilting will just have to wait...again! I missed our Spring Camp Retreat this year...very disappointing, but It Is What It Is. I was needed elsewhere.
However, on a very happy note, I did take Mom across the border to do a bit of shopping as well as take her out to AppleBee's for supper. It was a good day. When asked by the border crossing guard why I was entering their fine country ; I said I was taking Mom to supper and hoping to find a fabric shop because I am a quilter. The lady just happened to know of a shop that was owned by her sister in law. It is called the Quilted Moose. She even drew me a map to get there. A very enjoyable hour or so was spent there, and I highly recommend this shop to anyone who is the Soo Michigan area. I even found two patterns I was looking for, as well as little quilting notions I was wanting. All in all a good day. One pattern is for this wool wall hanging.

There are some lovely  patterns at her site

The other pattern is for a "Crafter's Tool Caddy" which I hope to make in the very near future. I have seen this type of pattern on line many times in the last 2 years or so and have thought I might draft a pattern for one, but when I happened upon it last week I decided to simplify my life and just buy the pattern. You can check out  the rest of her patterns here.

Well enough of this sitting around wasting time, I am off for my walk.

Oh by the way have you noticed anything about my blog in the last 8 or 10 posts? 
Some kind of a theme maybe?
 More to follow...

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