Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm pooped!

Up at 5:00 a.m., Mr. O's coffee and lunch packed; dishes done; showered; beds made; 2 little girls dressed and ready for a 70 minute drive to the "big City"; lunch with the "Material Girls"; car appt.; 40 minute further drive to pick up my quilt; eye appt. ; pick up my car from the shop; took girls to the library; further drive home to pick up supplies; supper; another 70 minute drive back to the cottage while fielding calls concerning Mom(she had a car accident today, totalled her car, severely broke her arm; still awaiting further news re:chest pains and surgery for arm); girls pajama-ed (is that a word??) and tucked in; more calls(still no news)...I think I am calling it a day...z-z-z-z-

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dining al fresco

I think it actually took me longer to get them set up than what they spent in it, but they had fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh by the way...

I have changed the settings for comments. If you are reading and want to leave a comment; it should be easier now..if not I will just continue to talk to myself...

Enough is Enough!

I have a plan...I am going to try to finish one project a month; that doesn't sound unreasonable does it. I have so many UFO's dragging; they really take the joy out of starting a new project. Some of them really wouldn't require that much time to finish them, and it will free up so much space in my sewing room(and my mind). I think these are the ones I am going to concentrate on first.

I wish you could have been here this morning to overhear the conversation between the girls and I. Last night before bed I told them that if it wasn't raining we would go to the beach. I rhymed off all the things I would need to remember to bring and I asked them to remind me of them in the morning. First thing this morning, Emma (the oldest) started rhyming off the things we needed to bring,, so I suggested she write the list on a piece of paper. This is how the conversation went...

Emma: We need blankets, towels, buckets, vegetables...Nanny how do you spell vegetables?

Nanny: How does it sound? veg-e-ta-ble...

Megan: crunch-crunch-crunch

cute huh? They are funny without even trying.


Well I am back, but just barely. I did tell you I was expecting company, and they have come and gone much too quickly. However the girls are still with us, so it doesn't leave me much computer or sewing time. I did however, have a little time this evening to browse on-line a bit and came across a few quilting video/tutorials I thought I would share. Enjoy!
Sewing Room Tour - Ironing Station -

Friday, July 3, 2009

Guess What? We're Expecting!

Company that is! Our son and his family will be arriving tomorrow from Ontario. Even bigger news! They will be leaving the girls with us for 2 weeks! I hope that the weather cooperates a little; I want to take them out in the boat and to the beach, and spend time time doing some fun stuff with them. Meg is 3 and Emma is 7 so I am thinking that my days will be full, but I consider myself very blessed to have them (without Mommy and Daddy). Now I know you think I will spoil them but really that is not my style...

Now I have stocked up on ju jubes, a few new games, and some coloring books... oh and all the fixin's for making them root beer floats...and choc. chip cookies but that isn't spoiling them is it?

If it I don't want to know and I sure don't want their Mom and Dad to know either.
But seriously folks just look at those faces; not going to be easy to say no to them!

But I am jumping ahead of myself. That's tomorrow's news. Today I am on my way to the big city (Moncton) to take Cam back to her hubby. He loaned her to us for a couple of days and it sure was nice to see her. Was just like old times. We met with old friends yesterday for lunch and I am sure the people at Cafe Gourmet were not quite sure what hit them. Imagine 10 or 12 quilting buddies catching up on old times after more than a year...I have to say it was fun though. Sorry I have no pics to post of that...I didn't bring my camera..and I still forget that my phone can fill in for a camera at times like this. I still think that a phone is for making phone calls; not taking pictures, videos, playing music, sending texts, checking e-mails etc. How silly of me...

p.s. we may even be able to take in a visit to the local quilt shops, not that I need anything, but hey who said you have to NEED fabric to warrant buying a bit more of it. Ta ta for now...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Do you see it? you? you see the glaring problem with this picture? Well aside from the fact that I have moved my baby from here here ??

Well I do! I am not in it! Me! I am not sitting in front of my machine! It has been way to long since I have had time to sit down at my baby and have a little "one on one". Now I know I have moved her down to the cottage and set her up all nice and cozy in here,

...and just look at the view she has

But I am afraid she may be a little put out with me, because I have ignored her for so long. I have had company for the last 2 weekends, and I have had garden work to do (which I mght add is a little hard to do, considering the weather ) Mr O. and I have installed a new floor in the guest house, I have had a mountain of laundry to do, but what I have NOT done is sit here. Now let's get serious folks...How can I call myself a quilter, when I am not quilting? I really need to rectify this, but it is not looking good for the next few days...I may have to learn to sleep a little faster so I can squeeze a little quilting time in...stay tuned for a follow up.

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