Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm pooped!

Up at 5:00 a.m., Mr. O's coffee and lunch packed; dishes done; showered; beds made; 2 little girls dressed and ready for a 70 minute drive to the "big City"; lunch with the "Material Girls"; car appt.; 40 minute further drive to pick up my quilt; eye appt. ; pick up my car from the shop; took girls to the library; further drive home to pick up supplies; supper; another 70 minute drive back to the cottage while fielding calls concerning Mom(she had a car accident today, totalled her car, severely broke her arm; still awaiting further news re:chest pains and surgery for arm); girls pajama-ed (is that a word??) and tucked in; more calls(still no news)...I think I am calling it a day...z-z-z-z-


Holly McLean said...

And I thought I was tired.
Don't let Mr O think he's the only marathoner!

Wendy said...

ah thanks Holly!

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