Friday, June 14, 2019

(Temporary Backup) (Temporary Backup) THE COMEBACK KID!

I recently saw a quilting video where the hostess referred to herself as the Comeback Kid and as soon as I saw the title I instantly knew that was what I wanted to title my next blog post. Call it word theft 
 or simply copying and I plead guilty, but I know a good subject line when I see it.
Well Susan H., I did promise to blog when I got settled and had my quilt room back in production, but seems to be taking a lot longer than I anticipated. 
The move itself went pretty smoothly. Several scratches seem to have appeared where there were none before, a couple chips on my sewing studio furniture and a temporary loss of my beloved red Kitchen Aid mixer. I say temporary because she found her way home yesterday via Canada Post. She travelled to From Bathurst to Ottawa, then to Kitchener, on to Mildmay, (she seemed to be hiding while here); then to Mississauga, back to Kitchener and a few points inbetween and landed back in Nova Scotia. From there she was given a stern talking to and sent back home to Mildmay with a warning to behave and go straight home! Here she sits sulking because of her reprimand and timeout. I may have even heard her grumble because she had to take a backseat to a distant ancestor yesterday when I had to stir up a cake for a church function. 

Yup! You heard me right. I was making my well loved Iny’s Prune Cake  and used my old hand beater instead of plugging in my Kitchen Aid mixer. The recipe says not to over beat so it really did not require much beating at all but she doesn’t know that and she did to be taught a lesson for her tricks she played gallivanting all over the country!
I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have my eyes checked for a follow up to my cataract surgery. I will be so happy to get new glasses. It feels like this what life has been like for the last 6 weeks!

I have not been able to drive because my license is restricted to me wearing glasses, not to mention the tiny fact that I can’t see! I’m sure you can understand my excitement for this eye appointment.
We have been very blessed to know someone who works in an Vision Centre so I was able to get an appointment quite easily. We also have found a family Dr. which is a very difficult thing to do these days. Her office is just a ten minute walk from our house and we have already had an introductory visit, so that is another concern looked after. Life has been very busy with all the appointments for license changes, health card changes, vehicle registrations, etc etc. Several trips to Kitchener for appointments and shopping. One of those trips resulted in me visiting a Mennonite family. As some of you may know we live in the heart of farm country many of which are Mennonite. It is not uncommon to see different things for sale at the end of a long laneway. No one is around, you just pick your product and leave the money in a locked box. We stopped to purchase rhubarb but. Wanted more than what they had at the road so we ventured down the lane in search of more rhubarb. It was like a little step back in time. Lovely farmland, out buildings, complete with several resident cats and multiple children ,several were working at chores and the younger ones out playing ball in the side yard. I purchased 10 pounds of rhubarb and a lovely bunch of fresh asparagus. The lilacs were some of the prettiest I have ever seen.

I am quite happy with our new home, but I have to say I think I had the ugliest dining room light fixture ever! I have been looking for a new one, and we did but one while in Kitchener, but when Mr.O installed it, I reluctantly commented that it was hanging crooked...
Me: I love it, but it is crooked.
Mr. O: what do you mean it’s crooked? It is hanging from a chain, it has to hang straight down.
Me: Well it looks crooked to me.
Mr O: (getting down off the stepstool) It can’t be crooked. Oh it’s just the base I can adjust that.
Me: For $300 you shouldn’t have to adjust it, it should be straight!
Fast forward 1 hour or more...
Mr O: It doesn’t matter what I do it is crooked! That’s it! I am disconnecting it and taking it down and that’s it, the old one is going back!
Me: yes for sure...(until we can find another one)
Fast forward...I found one on Facebook marketplace for $40 but bargained down to $30 and now I have a light fixture I love! There was a bit of a hitch though...we didn’t realize til we got home that we hadn’t gotten the base that fits on the ceiling and we were not driving over an hour back for a part that we could easily buy at a local hardware store...Hah!
We could find every colour but! 
Mr O: Will this do. It isn’t quite the colour we need
Me: Yes no problem, I can make it work. I will just paint it. 
Mr. O: Ok we are done.
Me: Well not quite..we need to make a quick stop at the dollar store for a small bottle of craft paint.
Long story short Mr.O completely rewired the fixture while I  “adjusted “ the colour. He installed it and I love my $30 light way better than the $300 one! I do love my electrician!

As you can see it was not the best match but a bit of this and that and I am happy with the results.

There are countless boxes yet to unpack and pictures to hang and jobs to be done, but we are getting there. 


Roxane P said...

It won’t be long until your house is just as warm and cozy as your last. Glad you are getting settled in!

Barbietee said...

Looks lovely and so glad the lost was found! What a little beat she is eh!
I am so exciting about coming for a visit. Every thing looks so you!

Unknown said...

You both have amazing energy. As if you have a choice. Everything is looking sooo Wendy. Very nice🤗. It is such a huge job. Many happy days in your new hpme😘.

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(Temporary Backup) (Temporary Backup) THE COMEBACK KID!

I recently saw a quilting video where the hostess referred to herself as the Comeback Kid and as soon as I saw the title I instantly knew th...