Thursday, November 21, 2013

Remember me?

I am feeling a little sheepish as I write this. One post per month hardly qualifies me as a blogger!

If I promise to do better, wool ewe promise to bear(or is it bare) with me?

I think I am finally over that terrible cough, and starting to feel better. I have started back walking again and usually try to get in about 5-6 km. per day. On good weather days we walk outside and on nasty weather days we walk at an inside walking track. Mr. O has taken on the job of being my walking coach and primary cheerleader and motivator. He walks with me every day, and then when he is finished on many of those days he goes out for his 10km. run. I however do not accompany him on his point overdoing things, right?

I have been busy sewing. Working away on my Schnibbles for this month has taken a good bit of my free time.

It always amazes me how much difference the 1/4" seams make in a block. I mean 1/4" is not very big, but as you can see in the above photo, one block is assembled and one is not, and just look at the difference!
I am pleased with how it has turned out and I will show a photo of the completed project in a day or two, when the binding is finished being hand sewn.
I received a few gifts from my favourite sister in law, and I thought I would show you...

They make me smile. 
I finally finished a quilt block I had agreed to make and send to a quilter/author/designer in Australia. She also teaches a workshop on Craftsy. Sarah Fielke has requested this for her birthday. Smart gal, that way she gets just what she really wants. I have had the pattern for quite some time and it needed to be done by the end of December, so I thought I best get it done. 

Happy Birthday Sarah!
If you think you might be interested in making Sarah a block, just check out her blog, drop her a line and she will send you the pattern and you are on your way. Here is the link

I came across another pattern I wanted to try, by Anita Grossman Soloman. I did a block tonight just for a trial run. It looked to easy to be true, and you know what? It is one of the easiest blocks I have ever made. I am considering digging out some scraps and making some more.

I mean, this is REALLY easy!  You start with 2  8" squares. You stack them, sew around the edges leaving two 2" spots unsewn. Make three cuts, and you have all the components of this block. Ten minutes later it is finished...easy peasy! This Anita gal is a genius!

Here is the link for this block. It is a pdf downloadable pattern that is available for a limited time, so go get it...don't forget!

It's late and I am going to leave you with a cute story, 'cause it sort of goes with my opening remarks...

Sheep Traffic Jam 
There was this really smart sheep down in Mexico who knew how to make butter and buttermilk. 

One night she sneaked across the border and got a job working for a farmer, who set up a roadside stand and told her to try to sell the stuff. Unfortunately traffic was very heavy and the sight of this sheep making butter and buttermilk was so distracting that naturally there was an accident. 

The police investigated and issued the farmer a citation for attempting to make an illegal ewe churn on a busy highway. 

Baaaa.  I am off to count sheep! 

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