Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Enough is Enough!

I have a plan...I am going to try to finish one project a month; that doesn't sound unreasonable does it. I have so many UFO's dragging; they really take the joy out of starting a new project. Some of them really wouldn't require that much time to finish them, and it will free up so much space in my sewing room(and my mind). I think these are the ones I am going to concentrate on first.

I wish you could have been here this morning to overhear the conversation between the girls and I. Last night before bed I told them that if it wasn't raining we would go to the beach. I rhymed off all the things I would need to remember to bring and I asked them to remind me of them in the morning. First thing this morning, Emma (the oldest) started rhyming off the things we needed to bring,, so I suggested she write the list on a piece of paper. This is how the conversation went...

Emma: We need blankets, towels, buckets, vegetables...Nanny how do you spell vegetables?

Nanny: How does it sound? veg-e-ta-ble...

Megan: crunch-crunch-crunch

cute huh? They are funny without even trying.

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