Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making progress and sharing a brilliant idea

Well, all the embroidered blocks are assembled and the first border is on.
Not the best photo, but as you can see, the border sure changes the look of things. I have also started adding the feather stitch to all the seams of the stitchery blocks. This is going to be a slow job. Doing the stem stitch, or outline stitch is relatively mindless, but I have to put a little more concentration into the feather stitch to try to make the spacing somewhat even. It's really adding to the overall appearance of the quilt though. Have a look see...

There are approximately 160 inches of seams to stitched, so it will be awhile before I get it finished.  I am trying to do at least 1 hour of work a day towards the stitching.
I have also been working on some pillows for a birthday gift in August. There will be three different ones. The first pillow is an appliqued house but still needs the words "God Bless Our Home" stitched on it.

The next one is to be a crazy patch elongated heart appliqued  to a linen background with a homespun plaid border; also with a verse stitched on it. I am still undecided about the third...been tossing around a few ideas with sunflowers or cone flowers and a crow..jury is still out on that one.
Now for a complete change of subject. I came across a very clever picture the other day. Who ever came up with this idea is brilliant! 

Just one of many great uses for those "binding clips" all we quilters have. I think this is especially handy for those of us who have a laptop. Every time I take it to the desk to plug or unplug one of the accessories, ie. the printer/copier I am fishing for the "other" end of the cord, and don't youjust  hate having all those cords hanging and tangled behind your desk? This is brilliant!

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bArb said...

I love it!!!! so wish we could sit and stitch together on the chairs over looking the wouldn't that be wonderful. Great job sis! can't wiat to see it finished...maybe it will inspire me to get at it! I seem to have lost interest in my sewing room. Not sure why???hmmm maybe you can help me get back into it! any idea's

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