Monday, March 1, 2010

Looking for gold...daffodills that is.

Did you watch the closing ceremonies? Better yet did you watch the men"s hockey game? If Hollywood had written this story it could not have ben scripted any better. Home team gets beat, comes from behind to get a chance at the gold medal. Winning with a 2 goal lead; opposition ties up the game in the last 24 seconds. Overtime and Syd scores the winning goal.That means a gold medal for Canada and also means we set the bar a little higher for the next Olympic games. A new record to break for most gold medals. I mean does it get any better than that? And the really good news...I finished my last embroidered block in my Winter Wonderland project! Let's hear it for the Red and White! Canada and moi!

I have a quilting friend and fellow blogger who lives in the same province but about 3 hours away from me. On her blog the other day she mentioned something about seeing "daffodils poking through the ground".

Do you see any daffodills here? ...are you sure? Click on the pics and look close, cause that's where I planted them...over there on the other side of the driveway, sort of between those 2 vehicles.

What about here? No? Didn't think so...

Oh wait! There is's a shovel.

I got up on the steps to look a little further, but still no luck. I'll keep looking though....


Anonymous said...

oh my....what can one say??? I'm just so sorry for you. as if winter isn't long enough. And yes,,,it is time for those golden flowers to come poking through! maybe you better pot a few indoor blooms to get you through!


imquilternity said...

That looks very C-O-L-D...brrrr! I wish I could send you a bunch of daffodils while you're waiting for yours to appear.