Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God must have other plans for me...

My plan was to leave on the 6 a.m. flight out of Bathurst this morning. However if you could see what kind of weather we are having you would understand why Air Canada is having nothing to do with that idea.

This is quite a mild example compared to what the weather has deteriorated to in just the last hour. It is a horizontal snowstorm indeed!

The flight from Montreal did not even arrive last night and because of the backlog of passengers now I will not be able to leave until Friday morning. Funny thing though, when we originally booked these tickets Mr. O. and I had wanted to leave on Friday. We were booking using our air miles and only so many seats are available. We found 2 seats for Thursday and agreed to that.
Mr. O. booked his for Thursday, and when he went back in to book mine there were no places left, so I had to travel on Wednesday. Not what we wanted, but it would get us there so we went for it. When asked when we were leaving we joking said we were taking separate vacations together...OK back to the storm and re-booking.
Long story short, we are both leaving Friday morning and travelling together with no penalty to be paid.
Got to love Air Canada!
Now the way I look at it; I have 2 days to do what I want...I mean I am not even supposed to be here, so these are bonus days to spend exactly how I choose. I think I will go make myself a new bag to travel with.
Speaking of bags...I finished the diaper bag with the scraps from the baby quilt. I even used the charm squares pieced together to make the straps. It took a little more time because I had a lot of piecing to do but I feel great knowing I used it all up and can now go on to another project. It is a pattern for a purse that several of us Tuesday girls have made. The Bow Tucks bag. One of the girls changed the measurements and turned it into a diaper bag and I loved it, so I did the same. What do you think?
It has loads of pockets inside so it is a real organizer bag. I will put a few things(baby wipes, cream, thermometer etc.) in the pockets before delivering it to "mother and child".

No baby yet, but the pains have started again...I'll keep you posted.

I went for a weigh in last night and am now showing 2.8 pounds less. Whoo Hoo!!!

I am off to enjoy my 2 bonus days.


HollyM said...

It's kind of nice that you get a couple of bonus days. There's nothing like being shut in due to a storm to get you feeling all homey.
I love the bag, but I would like it as a regular bag for me-- all those pockets--lovely! The color and layout makes it too.

bArb said...

oooohh I love it! Are you sure you really want to give it Mom and child.....maybe she has one...You could save it for next years birthday for me...I would only have to wait 363 days! LOL just kidding! she will love it I'm sure!

Linda H said...

VERY nice bag indeed. I think I'd like to find that pattern...

bArb said...

Only ONE bonus day left , Sis! what ya gonna do today? See you soon

jacque said...

Hello. I am Jacque from Colorado. I am planning on making the Winter in Wonderland Redwork Quilt. Can you show a picture of how yours turned out? I love the diaper bag by the way. My daughter just had a baby and she is already disappointed that the designer diaper bag she purchased is to small to carry all of the necessities. I told her I would make one for her out of the left over farbric from the baby quilt. Pattern you said is called "The Bow Tucks Bag"? I will look for it.

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