Thursday, March 18, 2010

Done! Now on to the next project.

Baby quilt is done and now on to the diaper bag. Had a wonderful "quilty" day yesterday with the "Tuesday Girls" (I know it was Wednesday, but we originally met every Tuesday and somehow that name stuck to our little group.)One of the girls hosted a wonderful supper and we all sat and chatted and worked on various projects. I hand stitched the binding of the baby quilt and worked some more on my shawl for sister #2. Hope to get the shawl finished up this weekend. Did my 5k. this morning...sure was a chilly morning and since then we have had a few lazy snowflakes falling. Must be a last ditch effort to prove we are still in the clutches of Old Man Winter.
Happy Thursday!
Not your typical color combo for a baby quilt, but I rather like it.

I like the random prairie points. If I had my time back I might place them a little differently, but HEY! done is better than perfect and it will still keep the baby toasy warm.
Lined with a warm and cozy flannel.


Heather said...

I love this quilt. The escaping prairie points are a terrific addition.

Jilly's Space said...

Love it Wendy! I made this same one except did the prairie points all around. I LOVE how you did the random lady, you!

Wendy said...

I would like to agree with you Jill, but the random prairie points came about when a friend was doing this quilt and several of were "advising" about the prairie points...yes? no? some? none? I was one of the ones who agreed with some here and there. She decided on some and even though I didn't see the finished product I knew I wanted to do it as well. But Thanks!

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