Monday, March 22, 2010

Focused; I have got to get and stay focused

I am leaving in just 2 days and I am not done the diaper bag, my packing is not started, I need to clean out the refrigerator, and on and on it goes. When we booked our tickets to Regina, it seemed like I had so much time to get every thing done, and now all of a sudden it is time to leave and the list of "TO DO" things is not all crossed off. Confession time folks! I am sure it is not because there was not enough is because I am such a procratinator... or maybe I just don't focus on the order that things that need doing.

I have been busy, but just not with the right things obviously. Actually Mr. O. would say it is because I am just not realistic and try to do too many things in the amount of time I have available to me. Whatever the reason; there are still things to be done, so I will concentrate on them today.

This may seem a little dark, but it is so me.

On a lighter note. I did get Sister # 2's shawl finished this weekend. It looks lovely and I am so tempted to keep it for me. I love the chocholatey brown tweed. So pretty. Even though she will not receive it on time for her birthday which is today, I can say it was ready on time. Happy Birthday Sis..see you in a couple days.

And on a really light note...(warning!!..this may get sappy.)
 Just look at what Mr. O brought home to me on Friday after work. He said he was thinking about "us" and thought how lucky he is to have me for his wife. I mean really! Who is the lucky one here?  I am so blessed.
I love you Mr. O.

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