Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Babys, Birthdays and Blog give aways...

One baby is here..I have a new great nephew! Kohen Cameron did not fool around; mommy was in hospital just 15 minutes when Kohen made his appearance! Mother and baby are doing well and are anxious to go home already! Grand baby is apparently quite content where she is, and is in no hurry to make an appearance. Maybe she is waiting for me to finish her quilt; after all it is still quite chilly out. I hope to finish quilting it today,and possibly getting the binding cut, then tomorrow the plan is to sew the binding on and get started on the diaper bag...that's the plan...

The shawl I was knitting for my youngest sister is done and guess what? I have started another for my other sister...she dropped a subtle hint that she might like one too, so I took the bait. Hope she likes the color I chose.

I was reading a blog I have bookmarked and found out that this blogger has a wonderful give away to celebrate a blog anniversary. She is giving away a lovely lap quilt!


Go check it out...tell her I sent you.

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bArb said...

oops...commented on the wrong post...Yes!!! i love it