Friday, February 5, 2010

Proof I was there

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A few days ago I posted pictures of our "girly get-away". Not sure if you noticed or not, but there were no pictures of me there. The reason? Well, it's because I was taking the pictures, and I do not use the self-timer feature on my camera often enough to remember how it works, so there were no shots of me. I told you I was there, but I was no where to be found. Here is the proof I was there! I received this via e-mail from our retreat hostess. This is what three contented quilters look like. What a wonderful keepsake of a few days well spent.
This next image I came across in my web wanderings this morning. It made me smile.
I have started back on my "dreadmill" routine each morning in an effort to get in better shape. I have also started Weight Watchers.....AGAIN! Last weigh-in registered me as 3.8 pounds lighter. A very small step in a long journey; however it is a step in the right direction. Hope I can keep on track. That being said this picture is not necessarily positive re-inforcement, however a good sense of humor can go a long way. Well I am off for my walk...ta ta.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture. You girls must have had a GREAT time. I'm jealous....but I know there will be other opportunities.
Chocolate...hmmm....I could eat chocolate right about now.

Jilly's Space said...

Haha..Wendy, that is my treadmills nickname too!! "dreadmill" I too have been trying to get healthier and joined Simply for Life in October. I have lost 24 lbs to date and would probably be closer to my goal if I would stop getting into things like...well...chocolate!! :-) 3.8 is a good loss. If we keep at it and get healthier and sew lot's of stuff, we'll be two happy chicks!!! :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work sis! and you really should look into the wii fit! I love mine and believe me they give you the guilt trip in a cute and humorous way though if you forget to visit daily or enjoy too many chocolates! I think you would love it!


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