Monday, February 8, 2010

I should'a saw it coming

Not sure if I mentioned that I was cooking for company this weekend. I know I talked about joining Weight Watchers. So you know where this is going....

I had the best intentions...sigh. I hope I kept the damage to a minimum. My menu changed several times, but I finally ended up with a whole wheat penne and a home made sauce with italian sausage. Garlic bread, salad...not bad so far; right? Okay here is where the sabotage started...DESSERT! I have no one to blame but myself. I have had this recipe for over a year and decided to make it this weekend. I really need to make desserts that are "ho-hum" for awhile; you know the kind I mean...the ones that are not so enticing; like maybe a broccoli chiffon cake or an asparagus mousse (with just a tiny bit of chocolate glaze) Just til I get over the hump you understand...

All kidding aside I made a new recipe for dessert. It's called Aunt Irma's Cranberry Pie. I found it here http://http// It caught my eye for a few reasons. One being that we picked a lot of cranberries in the fall before we moved back from the cottage, so they were readily available. Two because it seemed like one easy pie crust! I thought how can it be a pie with no pie crust? Details people, mere details. It is baked in a pie plate so it must be a pie right?!! actually it is more like an upside down cake in a pie plate. However, call it pie or call it cake; I call it delicious! If you like cranberries you'll love it. I made it late Saturday evening and about 10 minutes after I removed it from the oven it fell a bit in the center :-( ...just a bit, but of course I started second guessing myself whether it would be ok to serve, so I made a second dessert...a mixed berry cheesecake. Turns out they were both very tasty. Actually I only had a bite of the berry cheesecake one (all in the name of being a good hostess you understand) I liked the cranberry one best. Imagine it with a dollop of freshly whipped cream on the top. Yum yum! I had one small piece for dessert, BUT much later in the day I had half of a small piece without the whipped cream this time(my common sense kicked in after the second bite and I pushed it aside)
Here is a pic of the one I had in the evening with a cup of herb tea...see; small piece, no whipped cream...and I really only ate half. The best part is the first bite know the point of the pie is the best part...just the right combination of crust and filling.
Any way today is a new day all fresh and mistake free (so far), so guess what I am having for dessert today? Yup! One of these yummy red pears. I was introduced to these tasty treats last week at our girlie retreat and I was instantly hooked...and have bought them a couple times since. Thanks NJ!
I plan to sew today so maybe I will have some quilty pics to share tomorrow. Have a good day y'all. ***Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I substituted pecans for the walnuts in the cranberry pie, and I added a tsp. of vanilla and a half tsp.of salt.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Yum! it looks so delicious. I really need to find the recipe and make myself some, oh I mean us some. But I probably will be the one eating most of it. I LOVE CRANBERRIES! Mine of course will not be fresh ones but it will definately have whip cream on top! Not sure if I told you or not but the kids bought me one of those whip cream canister thingy's for christmas. I use it on my morning latte's. Can't wait to use it on my cranberry pie now! Thanks for sharing



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