Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking that if I hired a maid, one or two days a week, that would give me more time to spend in my little studio. It would be a perfect set up really; I could be here to oversee what needed to be done, and still be able to sew/quilt the day away. I know it seems a bit extravagant, but it wouldn't be forever, just until I get caught up on all my UFO's (and my housework too of course) I could get my windows cleaned, the floors done, walls washed; you know just a little light housekeeping.
Well in keeping with that thought, I heard yesterday about a gal who was looking for exactly that type of work. Seemed like a perfect solution for both her and I. I asked her to come by and she seemed real personable, so I knew it would not be a trial having her in my house and under my feet ( I've never had a maid before, so the thought of having someone else in my home doing the work seemed to me might take some getting used to.) She actually arrived at my place with her head scarf and apron on and carrying her own broom. Now that's what I call anxious to work!
We talked and I agreed to have her start immediately, but here's the problem...she won't come in the house. Says she can't. What's up with that? She won't go back where she came from and she won't come in. The neighbours seem to like her, but I can't get her to do what I hired her for...any suggestions?

Sorry for stringing you along, but I couldn't resist.
What really happened, was I walked to the mailbox yesterday, and it was so nice out I decided to shovel the front steps and walk while I was out there.

Well while shovelling I thought you know this might be good snowman building material, so I gave it a try. It was not perfect conditions, but it did work, and I was enjoying myself so I much she sort of just evolved. Before I knew it I was in the kitchen for an apron, then in my sewing room for buttons and strip of fabric for her headband etc. Well she was so darn cute she sort of took on a personality of her own now when I look out the window from my kitchen or back entry she is there with a friendly wave. I do like winter days like this!

I still can't show you any pics of what I am working on, but I went over some quilty pics I had in my album and here are 2 of the ones I did for my youngest grand daughters. The sunbonnet Sue one was the first time I ever stippled a quilt on my machine.

The teddybear one was done about nine years ago and was hand quilted. Today is weigh in day...hope I didn't mess up too bad this weekend, but I will know soon. I have to spend most of the afternoon in town doing errands before going to get weighed in, so I am off to tidy up and spend an hour or so in my studio. Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Cute. Wendy. really. cute .... I would love her on my front lawn but let me tell you. No snow playing when it is -30...So enjoy. I have been anxciously waiting to make mine too. Like you I just love them. Not sure what it is about them, but they always bring a big happy smile to my face! thanks for sharing

Morning Hugs, to you!
Your Sister

Jilly's Space said...

That's great Wendy. Nice to see you got out and had some fun with the snow.
Gorgeous quilts..as always. Thanks for sharing!

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