Friday, March 29, 2013

What a Day!

That should read "what a couple of days"!!!
Yesterday, we went to kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park. That marked the end of our visits with the giants. I know you are probably sick to death of "big tree pictures" but these things are amazing! We were at 8000 ft. elevation and I noticed it in my breathing when hiking some of the trails to see the sites.

General Sherman is the largest tree in the world, by volume. You really have to see it to believe it! Mr O has wanted to see this since he was a young fella, and now he has, and I have the pictures to prove it! One more thing off the bucket list.

This tree fell and it was easier to make a tunnel through it than to move it. This tree has been laying here for almost 100 years...even in death these trees live on.

There was not enough space to make two lanes for traffic, so one lane went to the left of the tree and the other lane goes between two others!

Can you see me there?

Ok, I promise, no more trees. Now, if you have been following along you will know we have done a fair bit of mountain driving...well after yesterday, Mr. o decided it was time to get our brakes checked. So bright and early this morning he found the Honda dealership, which was a little out of our way, but they agreed to fit us in with an appt. well, that was going to be at least 3 hours at a service station...BUT while I was in the shower, not only did he find a Honda service centre, but he also found a wonderful quilt shop just 5 minutes drive away...Can you guess where I did my waiting?

I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the shop, but it as the cutest name...
Bolts In The Bathtub. I spent over 3 hours there and I had to smile every time I heard them answer the phone... " good morning, Bolts in the Bathtub, how can I help you?"

Its hard to see but here are some bolts in the tub.

And a few more in an antique Belgian baby bathtub on a stand.

Can you spot the little silver tub with patterns in it?

Yes even the rest room had bathtub border paper and accessories!

And what's a tub without a rubber ducky? As your order is being tabbed, the receipt stays put with a rubber ducky to anchor it.

Rubber duckies hold all sorts of necessary items. How cute is that!

All the while, there was a replica of a vintage radio playing easy listening Diana Krall music. I spent a lovely time there and for once I was finished and ready before Mr. O. so I went over to a little Organic Cafe and I had a lovely lemonade spritzer and a chicken, spinach, cranberry and feta wrap.....yummmm. Before long we were on our way to Death Valley.

Doesn't the last photo remind you of a bargello quilt? I found a quilted bargello bed runner on Etsy...have a look...

I think I have been away from my sewing machine too long...I see patterns and colour palettes for upcoming quilts everywhere.

We ended our drive at a refreshing and quaint oasis in the desert.

Furnace Creek Ranch.

Mr O and I spent the evening on our rockers on the front porch of our little cabin, listening to old time cowboy tunes softly playing on our car stereo... Home On The Range and Down In The Valley etc.

Does life get any better than this?

Happy trails to you
Until we meet again
Happy trails to you
Keep smilin' until then

Who cares about the clouds when we're together
Just sing a song and think 'bout sunny weather

Happy trails to you
'Til we meet again


JoAnne said...

I, for one, could never be tired of pictures of trees. "I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree" (remember that from "A Child's Garden of Verse?")

The scenery did change dramatically and is still beautiful--I can see how you see quilts in it.

The shop was so cute! Did you find anything? Keep enjoying your trip, I am along with you.

Sue W. said... hot tub on the front porch of this cabin????? Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm enjoying all of the scenery, but something's missing.......three hours in a quilt shop and nothing to show for it??????

Linda H said...

Wow, you sure are seeing all the sights on the Pacific Coast! Good for you! Wonderful trip, wonderful memories! Happy Trails to YOU!!

regan said...

I'm so glad you were in Furnace Creek at this time of year! It seemed whenever we made the drive from San Diego to Vegas, it was always July or August! I'd see that turnoff sign for Furnace Creek, and would laugh at the name! It definitely was a furnace in the middle of summer!

And I could look at those pics of those beautiful trees all day long! They are amazing!

Anonymous said...

glad you are having a great time. great pictures very cute shop!

Pat from Florence, Oregon

gail.elizabeth said...

The sun is shining here so I was imagining the heat where you are and it put a smile on my face as well as seeing your pictures of the trees and that quilt shop.. It's adorably cute..

Patti said...

Just found your blog by way of the June Schnibbles parade, so I'm reading the last 20 posts the reader I use gave me.

Just had to share - we were in Death Valley for two days shortly before you at the beginning of March. We stayed at Furnace Creek Ranch too. The second day we didn't get to see much of anything - it rained over an inch that day! You can see what it looked like on my blog for March 8th. And we came south to find some sun!

Looking forward to getting acquainted with your quilting.

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