Monday, March 11, 2013


Most of Arizona does not change time, and Tucson is one of those places. Our time did not spring forward...thus giving us a "full day". (I know you don't really lose an hour but that is how we always describe it.)

Even though we didn't change it still mixes me up a little. You see I am checking in daily with some family members and weekly with others, as well as the folks at home who are looking after our home and mail etc.
I was just getting used to the time difference with everyone, and now it has all changed, because we didn't change...
we are on Mt. time; I have a daughter in Saskatchewan, (they don't change, but are Central time zone which is 1 hr. difference), our son is in Ontario(Eastern time which is 2 hrs difference), my sister and brother(Eastern time), home folks(Atlantic time which is 3 hrs difference)...others we have been in contact with via phone(Newfoundland time zone... 3 1/2 hrs difference)
Are you confused yet?

Whether you had use of 23 hrs or 24 hrs today I hope you enjoyed them.
I don't mind saying that I am really out of shape.i was pretty stiff today from our walk yesterday, and of course my "bum" foot was pretty cranky after that hike, so we decided to have an easier day today.
We went for a drive through Saguaro National Park.

Lots of sand, lots of cactus and lots of mountains. The Sonoran Desert Museum had been recommended to us, but after a bit of research we found it to be much the same as the desert botanical garden in Phoenix, so we passed on that.
Later we went to the Old Tucson. A movie studio out in the desert originally built for the 1939 movie Tucson, but other movies and tv shows filmed there will probably ring a bell with you...Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, Gunfight at OK Corral, Rio Bravo, McClintock to name just a few. There were a few staged gunfights for our entertainment. Lots of sunshine, a cold sarsaparilla and a walk about. Good fun!

After a meal break we took another drive up to the Coronado National Park and drove up to the very top of Mt. Lemmon.

What is wrong with this last photo, aside from the fact that I desperately need a pedicure?
Before lunch I was walking in desert sand among cacti and now I am standing in a snow bank in my sandals! It's amazing just how cold it gets when you climb a 9000ft mountain. Kids were sling, the skiers were finishing up for the day and some of the locals felt the need to take shovels and fill the back of their truck with snow to bring back down to the desert. This struck us funny because we on't shovel any more snow than we need to and especially not fill up the box of the truck for fun!

As much fun and entertainment Old Tucson was, nothing quite measures up to the amazing universe we live in, and let me tell you the photos do not come close to doing it justice.
How about winding down the show with a few quilt show pics?

Tomorrow we will wind up the quilt show with a few pics from their fabric challenge entries. Mr O is planning to go for a 2.5 hr run , so I may sneak off to a local quilt's been awhile and I need a fabric "fix". If I can't sew, I can at least shop/fondle/ or plan fabric projects.
Nite nite!

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JoAnne said...

It looks like another fabulous and very full, day. When we lived in Hawaii, we didn't change time either, but it was tricky to adjust for eveyone else changing, too. Most of my family is on East Coast time and so it would go from 5 hours different to 6! Also, we didn't change time, but the tv did, so the shows (on cable only) that used to be at one time were now at another. I must say that not changing time for three years and now having to do so again is difficult! It was no problem in the fall, gaining that hour, but it is more tricky now! I hope you get a chance to visit a quilt shop and share the name and photos, in case it was a shop that I used to go to! One of my favorites was The Quilt Basket. I hope it is still in business.

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