Saturday, March 30, 2013


We spent the day in Death Valley National Park. It was 94 deg. F or 34 C
Dry heat or not, that is a pretty warm day. I am slightly sunburnt and more than slightly tired so this post will be a condensed version of the day.
If I had to describe what I saw in 10 words or less, I would have to say; Scenic, beautiful, rugged, extreme and "other-wordly".

Miles and miles of burning hot sand. I took my sandals off and that lasted for about two minutes...the soles of my feet were burning hot; back on with the shoes!

Looks like our driftwood, but it is worn by the sand and water here!

I know, I know, I promised no more tree pictures, but I couldn't resist. These were across from the gas station we stopped at. The look like they are in bad need of a "trim".
Speaking of gas stations, and other-wordly...check this out......

Almost $1.50 per gallon more than what we generally paid!

You probably don't realize it, but we are 5500 ft above the dried up lakebed below. All that white is not snow, but borax and salt that works it's way to the surface.

Believe it or not, there is life in the desert...the prettiest wild flowers and the quickest little creatures!

Have you ever done that as a kid? Stick your arm out the window while driving along and let the wind wobble it around....ok, ok, just chalk it up to me getting too much sun!

The earth almost literally bubbles up and releases salt on the surface. Check out that sign...we went from almost 6000ft above sea level to almost 300 ft. Below sea level in about 1 hour!

Before I turn in for the night, I am answering a request to show you my "treasures" from yesterday's shopping binge? Are you watching Sue?

The beige and black for backing for a quilt I am finishing and the aqua for pillow cases

Cause I always need neutrals and I love the texture of the other one.

French General linen towelling...need I say more?

This will make this.....

..... For someone I love, for a birthday or Christmas gift , one day.

And finally, just because I loved it...and that should be reason enough!

When I don't have any ideas, I pick up fabric and start working with it and something happens.
Geoffrey Beene


JoAnne said...

I nearly asked you yesterday if it was hot there. I guess it is in the valley anyway! Nice haul at the shop!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the show and tell...please send some of that heat this way!!


Sarah said...

We have those salt pans here in Australia, so I knew what you were talking about! Definitely not snow. In winter they cover with water and we call them salt lakes - just a name to dress them up really!

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