Friday, March 8, 2013

Sensory overload!

There has been so much to process this last week that by the time I get back to our room my brain seems to be mush. I have received emails from almost 100 of my followers...well ok, just one follower who is wondering what has happened to my blog entries, but I thought maybe a few others of you may wonder where Mr. O and I are resting our heads these days.

We are still in Phoenix, but by the time most of you read this we will be on the way to Tucson. Only a two day stop there and then moving on... But let me try to remember what we have been up to since last week.
I just reread my last post and realized that I forgot to mention that we also went to a wonderful spectacle while in Vegas...Cirque du Soliel. A wonderful performance and if you ever get a chance to go, jump at it. You won't be sorry. I know this word is overused but the only way to describe it is AWESOME!

Ok, where was I? See what I mean...mushy brain symptoms...

We spent a wonderful week with our daughter and son in law, taking in sites like Sedona; one of the most spectacular places to see in the state of Arizona; while there we took a tour through the foothills of the mountains via jeep. I am sure some of the terrain we drove over I could not even walk or climb over...very impressive. We had a very colourful and informative guide who made the experience even more fun.

We also stopped at a place called Montezuma Castle National Monument.
It is the remains of cliff dwellings of the local natives from many many years ago.
The info we were given was extremely interesting, but please don't ask me to repeat specifics...I can show you a few pics but you may need to count on Wikipedia for a few details.

The kids flew home on Saturday and on Monday we packed up and left the resort and moved a little closer to the centre of Phoenix. It was hard to leave such a comfortable place...we really enjoyed our surroundings and accommodations.

This was our half, we had adjoining suites; one for each couple. All the comforts of home!
This week...we visited Frank Lloyd Wright house; Taliesin West, designed and built in the 1940's by FLW in his seventies. Amazing architect, way ahead of his time. We did a cruise on Saguaro Lake through the canyons. Oh the scenery and vegetation, and animals, and sunset...superb!

We spent half a day at a desert botanical garden and butterfly observatory.

The desert is blooming and so pretty.

Yes those holes in the trunks of the saguaro cactus are bird homes, pecked out by woodpeckers.

Mr. O treated himself to something he enjoys; he took in a NasCar race, and me...well I got to go to a quilt show with my sister. How perfect is that?

I also got to visit an absolutely beautiful quilt shop...probably the prettiest I have ever been in. Quilt shop #2 was by far the biggest I have ever been in...over 20 thousand bolts of fabric!

See why my brain is mush at the end of the day...bleh, bleh, bleh

Tomorrow is a travel day and should be a little less active. Hopefully quilty pictures will follow by tomorrow evening.

This blog post was brought to you courtesy of the Arizona Sunshine. Did the sunshine in your neck of the woods today?


JoAnne said...

It looks like you are having a spectacular time! Tucson had some good quilt shops when I lived in the area, but that was back in the 90s. It is too bad that you couldn't link up with Carrie when you were in Phoenex (Ms. Schnibble herself!) I'm looking forward to the next installment. The sun is shining here in Virginia today, but it is currently only 38 degrees.

ytsmom said...

Can you give us the names of the quilt shops? About 40 F here today. Expecting rain-snow tomorrow and Sunday.

Jackie said...

Oh what a spectacular trip you guys are having, such beautiful scenery, awesome! Glad to hear you are all having a great time. Very little sunshine but at least it is not too cold and the snow has finally stopped....enjoy and I can't wait to see the quilty pics

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