Friday, March 22, 2013

Time for a Break!

Oh I can hear you now...a break! Really? Yes I know we are on a vacation, but travelling for 5 weeks can be quite tiring...up fairly early every morning, packing and unpacking every day(almost), sleeping in different beds, eating in restaurants all the time. Some nights I wake in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I have to sit on the side of the bed to get my bearings...not sure exactly where the bathroom is. Before you start to feel sorry for me though, let me tell you what we decided to do.
Mr. O decided we needed to rest up a bit, recharge the batteries, so to he booked 3 days at Overleaf Resort and Spa on the Oregon coast. Well let me tell you, he hit the jackpot. What a wonderful, scenic, relaxing place.

It took a lot of convincing, but he also convinced me to book a half day at the you have to know, I like my personal space and have never had a massage, a facial, a manicure or any of that kind of stuff...goodness, I don't even go to a hair salon! This was a big leap out of my comfort zone.
And I LOVED it!
There is no going back now...fully body massage, a Vichy body towels,and robes, nice music, refreshing drinks brought to you, a wonderful spa room to change and clean up afterwards and then a delicious square of dark rich natural chocolate before you say so long. I mean, what's not to like...How did I get to be just shy of 60 years old and not ever do this kind of thing?

These pics don't do it justice, but imagine all of it overlooking a roaring ocean, fireplace lit, soothing music...thank you Mr.O.

But wait! It gets better, that was my morning...guess what I did in the afternoon? Yup! You guessed it...visited a few local quilt shops. Want to see my haul?

Don't you love these fabrics? I hope to make a skinny quilt, or commonly called a bed runner with leaves on it, for the fall.

Just because..

Yummy flannels to add to my collection for an upcoming winter quilt.

More flannels

Would this fabric be wonderful for a watermelon something or other?

Got to love having new patterns...did you notice one was only 1.99! Never mind that the other one was 25.00!

3 shops in 2 days!

Forget Me Knots...specialized in embroidery supplies. Loved it! They had lots of other stuff though, like quilting novels and they even had a basket of free magazines to recycle, so I grabbed a few "for the road"

Do you recognize this last photo Sue? Sure looks different eh?

Next shop stop was called Wenz-Daze. More lovely embroidery stuff and of course fabric and cozy displays with lots of eye candy!

Don't you just love this pot holder! What a lovely gift idea.

What about having a few gifts on hand for your sewing buddies? A basket full of mini dresden plate pin cushions is just the ticket.

Did you notice the old wooden ladder. What a clever way to hang quilts! I need to remember that for our next quilt show...remind me will you.

Ok, times a wasting...on to shop number 3

The Joy of Quilting

Want to buy a quilt shop? I know one that's for got to move to Oregon though...but that would not take too much getting used to, with views like this around every bend in the road.

Oops! I do get side tracked don't I? Oh yes, The Joy Of Quilting...
Pat was working today and we had a fine old chat while I shopped. She didn't want her picture taken though, so I will show you a few shots I took in the shop.

6 rooms of fabric, notions and patterns! What a lovely way to pass an afternoon!

We still have another whole day here, and I hope to spend a good part of tomorrow, beach combing, and maybe reading a bit.
Our GPS says we have travelled over 11000 km so far, and after our little rest here at Overleaf, I should be good for another 5000 km or so before I need another day spa treatment. Oh dear Mr.O. Just look what you have done...I will never be the same again!


HollyM said...

I can't imagine anything much more perfect than a spa treatment followed by quilt shops! And never would have pictured you there.
You're coming back a changed woman!

JoAnne said...

I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of the views, the half day of pampering, or the quilt shops/purchases! Realistically, though, I would have to say that I'm the most jealous of a husband who books you into a spa for several days! Mine is irreplaceable, but he wouldn't ever think of something like that.

Anonymous said...

Am enjoying your posts Wendy..... but you have me drooling again! What a wonderful way to spend a day, the only thing missing is the Tuesday Quilters! It would be a blast to do a spa day and quilt shops the next. Maybe someday we could arrange that - we could put Mr. O. in charge of the details... lol!


Claudia LeBlanc said...

I feel like I am travelling along with you and Mr O.
I always look forward to reading your comments and seeing the pictures about your journey.
Have a wonderful day!
Claudia L

Jackie said...

Oh my, what a wonderful trip you are having!!! I am envious, can't make up my mind about what exactly!! The trip, no the scenery, oh it has to be the spa treatments, oh no, it is by far all of these beautiful shops, purchases & all differnt ideas along the way. Those trees were something else! All in all, I am happy to be travelling along with you guys! Thanks for taking us with And you are right Wendy, we really needed a bit of a break!
Safe driving!

Anonymous said...

hi from pat (joy of quilting)
was great visiting with you! the spa looks awesome.

have a great rest of your trip. I'll peek in! :)


(btw the owner is retiring-thus the sale. :) )

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