Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things are growing...

We have certainly had some wonderful sunshiney days, some blisteringly hot days and some huge downpours of rain. I don't know how the temps are in your part of the world are, but our nights are quite chilly. Last night the thermometer dropped to 6 deg. Celsius. That is a bit chilly...but things are growing nicely just the same.

A little sun, a little rain, a little food, and a little time...that's all it takes. Some grow faster than others, some don't grow as well as I expect, or look how I envisioned them but they are growing...even the weeds! (you can see the evidence in my hostas)
My hanging baskets are starting to fill in and look quite pretty.


I'm growing a quilt!
A bit late to the party for a rag quilt, and it has been laying dormant for about 6 years but it has finally taken root and shooting up like crazy. In fact, I hope to have it pieced by the end of today and then maybe make a binding for it for a more finished look, and VOILA! Another credit towards my PhD.

When I dug it out on Sunday evening I only had about 50 or so blocks done...but I have cut and sewn enough that I have added about 120 more blocks since then and I will soon have another UFO off my list. Imagine! Sitting around for over 6 years and pretty well rebuilt in less than 6 days. I know it, but I have to keep reminding myself...



HollyM said...

It seems to be a summer for finishing things up. Good for you! Doesn't it feel good?
Our nights are not nearly so cool, maybe 14 or so I think. I would love a cool night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy: How do you like "Bloom Buster"? I've never tried it, in fact I have never even seen it.

Can you show a picture of your completed rag quilt? I would love to see it with the borders on.

I live in the NWT and the last few days have been 32 - 35 degrees and about 17 - 19 at night. Wicked!!!!!

Carol H.

Heather said...

Great growing. I gave up on my garden for this summer, there is always next year. I have a few very old projects I am planning to get back to after vacation. It will be so get them completed.

Amys Crafty Shenanigans said...

I aboslutely LOVE your quilt - I've made two raggy quilts - one of them in plaids so I want to make another after seeing yours :)

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