Friday, July 27, 2012

I Killed 3 Birds With One Stone! La Maison Chocolat

Our son and his wife are building a new home and it seems they have run into so many roadblocks this summer. Hopefully things will pick up speed a little. On the other hand, my housing project is complete.

Oops! Did I forget to mention I was building a house this summer as well? Actually it was 5 houses...does that officially make me a licensed housing contractor now?
Let me explain...

I had several challenges to attend to this summer and I have been working steadily away at them.

I decided to kill THREE birds with one stone. (four actually)

1. July was "quilter's choice" in our Another Year of Schnibbles;

2. Our last guild meeting in June, we were given a challenge. There was a large selection of packages and wrappers all face down. If we chose to participate in the challenge, we picked a random package/wrapper. It was then explained that our challenge was to make a quilted project of our choice using only the colours on the package. This project was to be finished for the September meeting.

3. You may remember I finished my Cinnamon and Nutmeg quilt for the bed at the cottage, but I really wanted to use up the last of the fabric collection, so I made matching pillowcases and still had a fair bit of "scraps" left, so my goal was to use the rest of it .

4. I wanted to make a couple of toss cushions for the bed as well.

This was the package I had chosen for my challenge. Bakers Chocolate!
My fate was sealed...the fabric scraps I wanted to use was from the collection Chocolat.

Carrie Nelson had already made a cushion using the Full House Schnibbles pattern and had posted directions on her blog,

I went to work and this is what resulted...

I followed Carrie's instructions for the front and then just constructed my pillow sham according to what fabric I had left.
By constructing these houses, I made my July Schnibbles, made my guild challenge, made a pillow for the bed AND I pretty well exhausted the last of my Chocolate scraps, thereby "killing 4 birds with 1 stone".
La Maison Chocolat!

No birds were harmed in the making of this post.


HollyM said...

It sure all looks cozy there on the bed!
I haven't even thought about the color challenge.

JoAnne said...

Oh, it is so pretty! I love how it looks on the bed, and I love the back, too. I'm really impressed that you were able to accomplish three things with one project. Cool!

Linda H said...

Oh Wendy, you are SEW smart!!! Love it!!

Sheila said...

I love your quilt and your pillow is awesome !!

gail.elizabeth said...

Wendy... I love love love your pillow.. Great job..

Jackie said...

What a lovely pillow Wendy! Love it.! And of course the quilt is soooo very pretty also. Beatiful work!

Sinta Renee said...


Anonymous said...

My chocolat quilt looks lovely on my bed in the new trailer....but I didn't keep enough for pillowcases, so now I am looking for scraps...Yours are an inspiration.....beautiful! Hope to see you soon....

Michele said...

Really cute :-) I do love this in pillow form. You got a lot done in one project! That's certainly great multitasking :-)