Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have You Met My Grannie?

She is just the sweetest...her name was Annie Coffin. She was my Great Gramma actually, but we called her Gramma.

I've have mentioned a couple times that I am casually doing grannie squares with my scraps. I was quite happy with that idea...a block here and there. Enter: Lori Holt from
She took our granny squares one step further and made GREAT granny squares by adding one more row. When I first saw her post, I thought, "naw...I am already making granny squares...not for me."
Oh yeah...that didn't last long. Yesterday I decided to make a small project and I needed a few blocks, so naturally the first blocks I thought of were the great grannies. I only need one more block and it is cut out and waiting for me by my machine and the I will start to assemble my project.

I have four blocks together now, with the intention of sandwiching and quilting it and then somehow making it into a sewing machine cover. I used the collection Ruby by Bonnie and Camille. It seemed like the perfect fabric choice for my gal Ruby.

Like I needed another project! Oh yeah!


Heather said...

Your blocks look lovely and even better once you assembled them. I'll be back to see the after quiltng photo.

gail.elizabeth said...

Your Grammie was beautiful... Love the grannie blocks.. Seems you got a good amount of quilting done this summer.. Me, not so much..
My summer challenge was definitely a 'challenge' in finding the colors to match my box.. But I think I may have it conquered ... Nearly finished the top and then to sandwich it and hand quilt it.. It's a wall hanging, so it shouldn't take too long..
Have a Blessed day..

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