Friday, July 13, 2012

Just the bear facts

Mr. O had an unexpected oral surgery performed this week and was in need of some very "soft" nourishment, so I made a quick run to the local Co-op grocery store at around 5 p.m. As would be expected, I saw the usual "rush hour traffic" . It took a few seconds to register what else I was seeing along our country hi-way...

I'm convinced she was looking for her young because she stood and looked all around and then tore across the road despite the traffic. I have been saying that I am a bit nervous walking alone, early in the morning, because of the possibility of encountering a bear even though we are in a small community, and this does nothing to ease my mind. Mr O tells me that I need to carry bear spray, but I would need to be rather close for it to do any good and that doesn't make feel very comfortable either. Going to have to find a different way to get a bit of exercise...

How about this?

Yup! Mr. O finally convinced to me to get a kayak; never thought I'd see the day. He was buying one to replace his stolen kayak from last summer and convinced me that I would really love it. I have taken his old one out for a little toddle around in the water out in front of the cottage, but sure never considered myself a kayaker...number one reason being that I swim like a rock. I am working on the assumption that I will spend my time paddling, NOT swimming, but have purchased a very good life jacket just in case. Stay tuned for further updates...

The little community we "summer" at has a Strawberry Tea and Social every July as one of the fundraisers for their little library/museum. They also do a monthly breakfast at the Farmers Market, and in December a Victorian Christmas supper. I love the little manse turned schoolhouse turned library, so it is always fun for me to volunteer to help out. Last summer I made a summer tote to sell tickets on at the door to help boost profits. I was asked to work at the door again this summer, so I thought I would whip up another bag...that's what I did yesterday.

I was limited to what I had here with me in my summer sewing studio, and this is what I came up with...




It was an easy project and the pattern which is from an old issue of BHG American Patchwork is a good one. I did make several changes, but I have made enough bags by now that I knew It needed pockets, and batting to make it more serviceable. I added a floating strip along the pieced section (the pattern called for covered cording) and a floating border was much quicker and gave the same effect. I also made the strap a little narrower than the original, because I thought it was too wide. Over all, a pretty good pattern, however the next time I make it, I will add a little in the length, may just 2 or 3 inches which when folded will only add half that to the depth of the bag. Except for the straps, all you need are scraps and fat quarters, and I have been known to make scrappy handles too.

I had to set aside my rag quilt to work on my tote bag, and it is't likely I will get much time to work on it his weekend, so hopefully I can finish it up by the end of next week and get on to the next UFO.

*** I have decided to add borders to my rag quilt. It was 70 x 80 so a 6 inch border all around will make it more of a bed sized quilt. It actually started out as a throw, but I must have accidentally splashed some of that fertilizer on it the other day while watering because it seems to have taken a growth spurt!

Note to Carol H. who commented in the last post.
I was not able to reply personally to your questions because your settings are no reply, but yes I like the fertilizer. It is my first time using that particular one although I do buy the little bottle of their brand with the eye dropper, for my houseplants.
As far as posting a photo of the finished rag quilt with "borders" certainly caught me off guard with that question, because at that point I was only considering the borders and had not fully decided yet.... I think you might have been referring to the binding I spoke about.
I will post photos of the finished product...hopefully next week.


HollyM said...

Wow, and that bear looks big all stretched out like that. I looked into the bear spray and not only do you have to be somewhat close, there is a pin to pull and you have to make sure you're not spraying into the wind. It could come back in your face!
I love the bag;it's sweet and looks very functional. When is the social?

Linda H said...

Oooooh, it would NOT be good to come face to face with Mrs. Bear...or Mr. Bear for that matter... Do you have a dog? Or could you borrow a neighbour's dog when you go walking??
Love the bag....

gail.elizabeth said...

Wendy.. It seems you are having a wonderful summer from all your posts I've been reading... Wish I was close enough to come for a short visit as it seems you have a beautiful spot..
I love, love being in the woods BUT I'm very afraid of coming across a bear.. I have a little knife that I carry with me when out and my hubby and sons laugh and ask me "what are you going to do with a little knife like that mom?" I tell them, I will go for the eyes and they giggle at my bravery... Lol it is difficult to enjoy being out when always looking around for a bear...
Anyhow, that little bag you made is so cute... I've been getting a couple things done and will get a blog post done soon.. To show what I made..
Can't wait to see a picture of your finished rag quilt.. Unless you already posted a picture and I missed it..
I'm in Moncton right now watching the grand girls play.. My other son Mitch just left with his little 4 month old son... They just live one block over.. I love that my two sons live so close..
Ok sorry for the lengthy comment, got on a roll... Lol
Have a wonderful day and God Bless..

JoAnne said...

We had to worry about bears when we lived in Alaska. And also moose. They are way more common than bears and I'm just as scared of them. I actually got charged by one, but was able to get inside before she got too close. Be careful! We carried bear spray, too. You can also (supposedly) wear bells so that the jingling scares them away before you see them, but there was always the joke in Alaska about the pile of bear droppings that smelled peppery and had bells in them... LOL!

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