Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Doing a Happy Dance!

Finished my July Schnibbles! Finished my Guild Challenge for September! Sorry folks, but that's a post for later...
Making major headway on a VERY old rag quilt project. YAY!
Hoping to get a few granny square blocks done today to add to the very small pile. This granny square quilt is going to be TOTALLY scrappy. The centers, the backgrounds, and the sashing. While at our Spring Camp Retreat, a few of the girls were totally smitten with my grannies and wanted to embark on the same project, but figured they didn't have enough variety in their scraps so we decided to do a strip swap. Last week, we met with our strips and swapped fabrics, because we all know the more variety the better when making a scrappy quilt...

We drew cards and then each took turns choosing three strips at a time. A cool drink, a snack, more fabric for a quilt and catching up with good friends on a beautiful summer afternoon...what could be better?

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