Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day?? Happy Canada Day ?? Happy Leap Year??

For many years I have had the grandest intentions of making a Canada Day table topper. It didn't necessarilly have to have a maple leaf on it or look like the Canadian flag, but in our flag colours. When Carrie Nelson from www.lavieenrosie.typepad.com
came up with the Leap Year pattern and generously offered it to us quilters free of charge, I thought, "here's your chance girl! Go for it!"
Now my mind works in mysterious ways, and when I hear Leap Year, I think of Feb. because that's when we reap the benefits of of our extra day. I also wanted a seasonal topper for Feb. so I instantly knew that this project was going to be red and white. Funny isn't it how some patterns just take on a life of their own? (more on that later)
....so without further ado here she is, my Schnibles parade entry. My Valentines Day table topper, my Canada Day table topper, my Leap Year table topper!

While I made mine a controlled scrappy, Sue(my Schnibbles partner) on the other hand went totally scrappy AND she made a big one! She calls hers, "Leaping into my Stash". Isn't it a wonderful scrappy quilt? ...and perfectly named...Leaping into my Stash.
Clever title eh?

Now I want you to know I am not a "one trick pony". It has been a busy week or so, here at Winterpast, because along with all the everyday chores, I have managed to get in a 25 km bike ride, several walks, gardening/weeding, making birdbaths, AND I have put the binding on 2 queen sized quilts, one of which I showed in my last post.

Here is the second one, called Cinnamon and Nutmeg and the majority of the fabric for the top is made from a Moda collection from a few years back (three Sisters, I think) called Chocolat.

This was one of those quilts that took on a life of it's own. I started it at a camp retreat in May, about 3 years ago. I thought I had made pretty good progress, but that came quickly to a halt when Mom had her accident. This quilt was set aside and only taken out in Feb. However, the girls who had started theirs when I did were long finished and informed me it was too skimpy for a Queen bed, so I had to make mine larger if it was to go on the bed at the cottage. I had to check my stash for fabrics to mix with this collection, but obviously I would not be finding it at my local quilt shop after all this time. That was not too much problem, but I was going to need another meter of the brown that was a common fabric through all the blocks. Thankfully, a friend had some in her stash and came to my rescue. (thanks Deb!)
I had also changed machines so my 1/4 inch was measuring up differently which meant a bit more fussing and fudging, but I persevered and managed to get everything to square up and fit together. I was still short of some blocks so I added a larger than normal border, but I was ok with that. By this time, I just wanted the thing done...I was determined to use all the fabric up and be done with it. After finishing the top, I had several four patches and half square triangle blocks left over, so I thought, why not incorporate them in the back and that lead to another project, but thankfully, I had lots of fabric that would "work" and here is what evolved from "using up those blocks"

After getting the binding done this week, I had enough fabric left to make matching pillowcases. There are a few small pieces that will end up in a couple granny squares and then I am done! Thats it for me...no more Chocolat. I will have used every scrap.

Last year I started making a purse. This purse gave more grief, and the pieces were set aside in frustration. Every time I went into my sewing area, it was there taunting me, so I decided to totally revamp the thing. I took apart the straps and added batting to beef them up. I recut the bag pieces giving them a totally different look. Changed the closure on it and added ties to the sides. Sewed up the lining and sewed on a button and it is finished. Finished is better than perfect and the name of the pattern? ...well that's a secret. Let's just say I will not be buying another of this gals patterns.

I added lots of pockets and you know, it just might become a favourite purse. I'll let you know how serviceable it is, because I am setting out on another trip and I plan to use this one...a girl needs something new for trip doesn't she?
So yes, its been a good few days; 2 bed quilts finished, a table topper pieced,quilted and bound, a pair of pillow cases sewn up, and a purse finished. I get to check a few more things of my list and I am working full steam ahead on my PhD (projects half done).
Happy Valentines Day, Happy Canada Day, Happy Leap Year, Sweet Dreams, Bon Voyage, and Happy quilting my friends!


Linda H said...

WOW! You go girl! You're on a roll! Well done!

HollyM said...

I'm amazed at everything you've done and you just had to mention it was all in a few days! Imagine if you actually spent a few weeks there!
I love Sue's quilt with the scraps and the black. It almost looks like stained glass as it glows there on the line!

Jackie said...

Wow Wendy, you are making me jealous, all of this time sewing on your PHD's ! Way to go! As usual all is very beautiful. I am currently at the IWK with my daughter and grand son, he was operated on yesterday for a Recto pixy, the poor little sweethearth, so tiny to go through such a big operation....he is in so much pain ....
Go Wendy don't stop sewing, you have such a lovely set up there, I would do the same..lol

Sherri said...

I am amazed...such wonderful quilts!!!

JoAnne said...

Wow! I love the red and white Leap Year. But I also love the black and scrappy one, too! Since I haven't had a chance to make mine, I'm getting ideas for the future, but I think it is going to be difficult to decide!

Way to go using up all the fabric for your quilt! It came out beautiful and I really love the pillowcases! The purse is great, too! I'm glad you were able to get it done and it looks like it will hold a lot!

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