Friday, June 22, 2012

GREEN Birdbaths and a parade revisited

A couple summers ago I posted about making birdbaths from recycled glassware. My friend Glenda has been gathering up bits and pieces of cast off glassware from yard sales and asked if I would be willing to show her how I did them. We have been trying to find a day that suited us and this week we managed to do just that.

The above picture is one of my birdbaths from a few years ago.

Glenda arrived bright and early and we spread our vases and plates and bowls, cups and saucers and candleholders out on the table and got to work.

Here are a couple birdbaths she was able to assemble and bring back to her flower beds at the cottage. If you look closely at the first one, you can see a couple different sized plates, a large vase, a medium sized vase, a small vase and the "bathing area" is a deep crystal dish.

Aren't they pretty? She actually made 4 but I forgot to take pictures of the other 2. I revamped one of mine that I was not happy with and also made a couple footed plates also with recycled bits and pieces. They really are quite functional as well as being pretty and best of all they use up pieces that no one really wants anymore.

Well you get the idea. These things were made up in a leisurely afternoon with someone else's "trash". A bit of glue, bit of glass and a bit of imagination can go a long way.
Glenda also brought something else with her...last month when Sue and I were making our June Schnibbles at our camp retreat, Glenda wanted to join in the fun, but she didn't get finished in time for the parade; well at least not the beginning of the parade, but we all know there is always one or two straggling floats that sometimes have technical difficulties and end up straggling in after the crowds are starting to disperse. Now I have to say that when this "float" started out she was in perfect condition. All the "flowers and balloons" just perfect, but the weather was a bit hard on her and she needs a bit of TLC to get her ready for display again. Let me explain...
Glenda's DOC was perfect when it arrived here, we put it on the line for a photo was a bit breezy and really hard to get a god shot...

We finally gave up and decided to try a different location...

But look at the bottom corners of the quilt! It was whipped around in the wind so much it ended up frayed quite badly and needs to go back to the "shop for repairs".
Ahhh parades, never a dull moment.

Speaking of parades, my June Schnibbles is done, not quilted yet, but maybe... If we get a few rainy days, I just might get at it.


Anonymous said...

Do we get to vote for our favourite plate creation???? Mine is the one with the charm packs on it !!!!! After reading your post I had this urge to rush out and finally do some gardening & then make some creations like yours....maybe on my next day off???? Glenda's DOC looked great even with the frayed corner.
Sue W.

Glenda said...

Oh Wendy, I LOVED creating with you. What a special day it was. My bird baths look gorgeous in my gardens at the cottage. I'm home now and will make the repairs to my schnibbles sometimes this week-end. THANKS again for a wonderful day and for being such a great friend.

JoAnne said...

Those birdbaths are gorgeous! I'm going to have to start scouting yard sales and thrift shops, too. I'm sorry the Doc suffered in the wind--I have a pic or two of my doc flapping away as well. I'm looking forward to seeing this month's parade and wish I could be in it. Oh well. Maybe next month, but probably not either--it depends how quickly we find a house and get moved in and unpacked. Have a great day!

HollyM said...

I love the birdbaths! Did you glue the cup and saucer one or is it drilled? I have a couple I want done.
Too bad about the quilt corner but at least there will be a good story to tell and a wonderful day to remember.

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