Monday, June 6, 2011

Back in my nest... (image heavy)

I found this lovely little nest in a small fir tree just outside my front door. So lovely and cozy looking, and I could hardly wait to watch the progression, but alas yesterday when I went to check on the them the nest was empty. No sign of life. I had seen a big old crow on the tree just a couple days before so I am thinking that may be the reason...made me a little sad.

My first Monday morning back home, I was all ready to post a blog entry. I had taken some lovely pictures to share and exclaim that Spring really had arrived while I was gone, but before I could get them loaded the weather had changed, it started raining and turned so cold that it really "dampened my spirits" so to speak. The pics are quite pretty though so I will share them anyway. Better late than never...

Rain or not, it really is lovely to see things turning green. Spring is rather late this year; our apple trees are just beginning to show tight little blossoms but a few more days of sunshine and I am sure we will be treated to a lovely display.
While away I had a lovely visit with various friends and family.  Our daughter/family live in Saskatchewan and our son/family in Ontario, which makes it difficult to be together, so having our daughter fly to Ontario to be with us was a special treat.

Of course seeing 2 of our granddaughters was special too.

I managed to visit a few local quilt shops and was invited to take in a guild meeting in Owen Sound. Quilters really are a very friendly sort and they made me feel quite welcome and of course it is always nice to see what other quilters are doing. The scheduled speaker for their program that evening was a fibre artist, so I was quite looking forward to it. On arrival I was informed that due to illness the program speaker had to be changed and I was a little disappointed, BUT not for long. The executive scrambled together to produce a 4 person trunk show that was a real treat. One of the gals had several of her pieces displayed in different CQA quilt shows and they were real eye candy. I was given permission to take photos but sadly I neglected to get the names of the quilters of each project, so I can't give credit where credit is due except to say that these are projects of various members of the Bluewater Quilters Guild of Owen Sound Ontario.

The following quilt was made by one of the  members and generously donated to Habitat for Humanity as a fund raiser. She apparently whipped this up in something like 3 months! It was her own pattern.

I purchased a few kits, and a few patterns from several shops but will share that later.

While visiting with Mr. O's sister and her husband we headed down a country road and walked for over an hour each morning before breakfast on a lovely wooded trail and were treated to some of the local flora and fauna.

Red Trillium

White Trillium


Marsh Marigolds


Giants of the Forest

Another wounded in Battle(scarred by a lightning strike)

Unidentified leaf

Rare Specimens
(I am referring to the Grandparent Musclewood Trees)

Well, enough for today, I am off for my walk and then yard work and various other labours. 
p.s. You may enjoy clicking on some of the photos to see the detail...pollen dust, spider webs, leaf veins etc.


Nicole said...

What a nice post. I felt as if I was really along with you on your nature walk! Isn't it lovely to visit with family? As soon as I move, I want to get acquainted with the local quilt guild and try to meet some new people. Your visit to the Owen Sound guild program reminded me of what a good opportunity guild meetings are to learn new things and make friends.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, I hope you're around for a while this time and you get to enjoy your summer in Paradise!!! Sue

Sheila said...

Great photos , especially love the photos of the quilt trunk show , wow those landscapes are wonderful . Thanks for sharing .

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