Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a Few Things

First I want to mention a little something about the music on the blog. I have had several people say they really enjoyed the music on the blog and would sometimes go there and just the leave the music on while they are sewing etc. Well unfortunately I have had to change my music list because there seems to be a problem with playlist.com. Try as I might I can't get all the same tunes back and I also cannot get the music to play automatically on opening the blog. Soooo if you want music, you will have to hit the play button...best I can do until I figure it out.

Next thing, I went on Facebook yesterday to get the scoop on friends and family and this is what I saw posted on my daughter's profile.

What a smart cookie she is! She entered a recipe in a contest for Real Women of Philadelphia. Not a winner in their eyes, but definitely in mine. Bravo Michelle!
**edit: I just spoke to my daughter and apparently they have not picked the finalists in her category yet, so there is still a chance she could win! Go Michelle!!

Let's see...what else? Oh yes..while doing a bit of yard work I noticed a very sizeable patch of wild violets on our lawn (and I use this term very loosely! What we have is green for the most part but hardly a manicured lawn.) I couldn't resist taking a few shots and was kind of pleased with one and so it is now the background on my computer desktop.

Green manicured lawns are so over-rated; isn't this so much prettier?

A lovely spring surprise.

Now lastly; Last weekend I called a friend to go to a (sort of local) quilt show about an hours drive from home. This was completely spur of the moment. When I picked her up, she had a lovely big grin on her face and on entering my car, said "the only thing nicer than a planned outing is an unplanned one!"
She was right! We had a lovely chat during the drive and caught up on things and then spent several hours mooning over quilts. Stopped for refreshments and went back for a few more looks before heading home. All in all a lovely afternoon.
Here are a few of my favourites.

I went in a little tight with the camera, but this quilt has no borders. Very striking and quite attractive. Another for my bucket list.

So pretty. Simple pattern but the colours are lovely. The addition of the light spring green makes it sparkle and I love the little random blocks in the border.

Happy To Be Scrappy...another for my bucket list. I LOVE everything about this quilt!

Another absolutely stunning quilt. This photo does not do it justice. Oh the hours put into this one, but what a treat. Three sizes of plates, black background, hand quilted, and a gazillion prairie points! I want to add this to my bucket list, but my bucket is full;I need to either get another bucket or start working on emptying the one I have. 
Have a wonderful day!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis


Heather said...

I have also posted a mini quilt show on my blog today. It is from my guild meeting last evening.

Sheila said...

Love the violets , so pretty ! The quilt show was nice , especially love the sewing machine , I see it is PP , lovely! Glad you enjoyed your day out .

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