Friday, June 10, 2011

Sing it Louis!

I've been out with my camera again. When I look at these pics I can't help but think of Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World."

I live out in the country and these are 2 of the prettiest apple trees I pass on my way home. Absolutely breathtaking!
After I got home I wandered around my yard and snapped a few more pics; 

my apple blossoms from various trees in the yard

A few strawberry blossoms on our "lawn" that escaped the lawn mowing on Wednesday.

Petunia blossoms still holding rain drops.

Newly transplanted Leopard's Bane

Garden Mums

What appears to be crystallized spider webs in my spreading juniper.

Ahh indeed Louis; it's a wonderful world!

On the sewing front...  because of our construction project , yard work, and because I have been on the move so much there really has not been much time to sit and quilt or sew and I am starting to go through "withdrawal". Not to say I haven't kept my hands busy. When I sit in the evenings or in the vehicle I generally have my knitting with me and I'm making a little headway there.

I really "need" to sew though, so I picked what I am hoping will be a quick and easy project with some handwork and some machine. 

Here are the "ingredients" I will be using. Green calico and vintage ric rac from a yard sale find, a rescued bran bag from a bakery I worked in many years ago, a bit of embroidery floss and a free pattern from the internet. Definitely a low budget project. As soon as I get back from my walk and get a few household chores done I intend to make some headway on this project. Hopefully I will have some progress to show next post...stay tuned. 

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