Friday, June 17, 2011

Spring Break a.k.a. Paula's Camp Retreat

I know the term Spring Break may bring thoughts of school holidays in March or April, but because it is technically still spring and I, along with 12 other quilting buds snuck away for a break ( a quilting break that is) this week, I have decided this was my Spring Break...and what a break it was!
We have been "spring breaking" since 2005. Although I have not been fortunate enough to make it every year I think I have been to the majority of them and look forward to them with much anticipation.
We generally plan an easy menu and everyone contributes to the meals and then pack up our gear and venture off about 1 hour into the "wilderness" to our final destination for the next 2 days.
Have you ever wondered how much "stuff" 3 quilters need for 2 days of "retreating"?
Well this is what my vehicle looked like fully loaded. (minus the 3 passengers)

Food, friends and fabric make for a splendid spring retreat! It really is a treat to sit at my machine and stitch away the hours. Here is the view as I see it.

In the morning the scene was different but every bit as beautiful and at 6:30 a.m. I was out trying to capture the beauty of it.

The song of the loons was so soothing.

A large variety of projects were finished; everything from woven floor mats (made with strips of quilting cotton) to cushions, to place mats, to baby quilts, to tote bags, to clothes pin aprons (see yesterdays post). Some brought quilts to hand stitch bindings and knitting and hand quilting.  a few of us plodded along at assembling multiple numbers of blocks; a tedious job made more enjoyable in the company of friends.

Have you ever wondered how many quilters it takes to apply grommets to a bag?

Our banister of Fame

The group minus 2


Linda H said...

I see some familiar faces!! Looks like you all had a great time, as usual! Please say HI to all the gals for me Wendy.

Sheila said...

Lucky you , that looks like a great time , with so much accomplished , loved those bags .Thanks for sharing .

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