Thursday, December 22, 2011

check; check; check!

 20 pounds of meat, and three batches of pastry and a lot of work yielded this (12 meat pies 10" or larger)

and then I had to make butter tarts. Mom always made butter tarts for Christmas, and I have been doing what Mom does for so many years that tired or not; we needed butter tarts. 

Just a small batch for Mr O. and I. 
I made 3 dozen butter tarts and a half dozen strawberry rhubarb ones.

Quality control tells me the pies are great! I didn't hear any feedback on the tarts but I noticed that the plate I served up came back empty, so I am guessing they were ok too. 

Binding is sewn onto the quilt and all that is left is to hand stitch it down and gift wrap it. A good movie on Netflix will help the time pass quickly while stitching.

** Don't let other people dull your sparkle ** 


HollyM said...

Wow! You tire me out! It sure looks good though.
And to have quilted the denim quilt, amazing!

Anonymous said...

Still shaking my head and laughing the way, any idea where I could purchase some Sparkle? I seem to be missing mine today!! Pies look great.....mmmm butter tarts...they look really good too [hint].


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