Thursday, October 22, 2009

89 hours ... Sunday to Wednesday

Do you know what I did in the last 89 hours? Drove to Dundalk Ont. (1508 km) and back to Bathurst (1508 km) for a total of 3016 km. In between we also made 3 return trips to Hanover 63.7 km each way for a total of 382.2 km; ( one for the viewing/wake; one for a trip to the church to practice a song with the musicians; and one for the funeral of a very dear friend) That makes a total of 3398.2 km. In between the wake, the practicing and attending one of the most touching tributes to a dearly loved husband, father, preacher and friend, we did all the other little things you do in a stories to your grandchildren, taking them to McDonalds; packing and unpacking; eating, showering etc, going for a walk, visiting with family and friends; oh yeah and grabbing a bit of shut eye. It has been a full few days. Good to be home.
Want to see what I did in the daylight hours in the car when I wasn't driving? I finished these

and I started this

Hm-mmm warm wool socks and a cozy mohair you see a trend you suppose cold weather is approaching?

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barbietee1 said...

oh...ya I see the cold coming....I get cold too!! HInt Hint! LOL love the socks too. I can so that those are your tootsies!

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