Wednesday, October 14, 2009


4310 doesn't mean much to others, but to me it spells HOME. It is good to be home! Pics are a bit blurry and I apologize for that, but somehow it is fitting, because that is what my summer has been...a bit of a blur. It seems I wait all winter for spring to come so we can move down to the cottage and yet this year I could hardly wait to move home...for one thing I spent so little time there and when I did the weather was downright yes we are home and glad to be here. Here amongst the boxes and bags and suitcases waiting to be unloaded and put away. It is a bigger job than you might think, because even though the house has been empty for the last 5 months, the dust and cobwebs still acumulate, so I am trying to clean and wipe things down before putting things away. It is a lot of work, but you know it is very therapeutic too..getting re-acquainted with all my "stuff" again. It is a good feeling being home. Yup! ...I think I am going to like it here...think I'll stay!

Our last night at the cottage the weather was amazing. It had been sunny for most of the day and then right after supper the wind started picking up and a squall moved through. Wild, wild winds and the water was amazingly rough, with heavy rains and even before the rain stopped completely the sun broke through...really dramatic weather and light was almost like there were extremely bright spotlights shining in designated areas and then it would move to another spot. Here are a few pics. They don't really do it justice, but thought I would share. (clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge themand make for better viewing...but you probably already knew that )It was a grand send off.
Oh..and the roses? They were an anniversary gift from my dear sweet husband. Mr O really is so thoughtful...sigh

This one is really worth a closer view...

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