Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Two Whits

I can hardly believe that September has come and gone. Of course October 1st is Parade Day and if there is a parade then I must be blogging. How sad...I keep saying I will post more and every month I have an excuse. I really have been busy tho, but nothing I can blog about. Christmas is something like 86 days away and I have a few gifts in the making so for now the only things I can show are our Two Whits.

Carrie's pattern this month gave three different pattern layouts and Sue and I chose to do differing projects.

Every time I thought about Sue and I making Whit, I tried to come up with a blog title.
It was only after I realized that we had both decided to whittle down the size of our projects and make minis for our studio wall that I came up with a name.

Sue made is lovely version in French General scraps

That centre square is perfect for a lovely hand quilted feathered wreath, and that was the plan. She has major surgery coming up and it seemed like the perfect little hand work project during recuperation. I am told that that plan may change, so for now all you get to see is a "flimsy" but quilted or not it sure is a cutie and it will look lovely on her newly revamped studio wall.

As you can see I did a much different arrangement and mine is quilted. It is also very wrinkled because it got packed up last week when we moved home from the cottage and did not surface until today. Mine was to be a mini for the wall, then it was going to be a cosmetic case, then a cushion cover, then I went back to the original plan. I made the binding and started and then decided that "No" it really wanted to be a cosmetic case, so I found a zipper and started to work on that....

By this time it was almost midnight and I was not going to trust my brain to figure out zipper installation and construction, so there it sits.

Either way though, it gives you and idea just how versatile a pattern can be. It can be constructed exactly as the pattern creator intended or it can merely be a jumping off point to something different.
Are you ready for what I decided to call our abbreviated versions of Carrie's lovely Little Bites pattern?


Oh my I am so funny I can barely stand it...

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


Barbietee said...

Oh yes dear are too funny and tbey are both darling, but I think you should be calling this post the two twits...i can just picture you guys being totally silly whike together....well done ladies

JoAnne said...

I love your name!!! It made me smile and giggle. Sue's is gorgeous, I love French General, and I'm excited to see that she did the same version as I. I haven't seen another one so far in blogland. I love how yours is quilted. I wanted to do something like that only I didn't have a walking foot. It is going to make a great cosmetics bag. Good luck to Sue on her surgery!!

Dee said...

Too funny! I love the name. Both versions are great. The center of Sue's is perfect for some hand quilting. I'm interested to see your finished cosmetics case. Are you using a pattern for it?


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