Monday, September 1, 2014

Schnibbles, Schnibbles and more Schnibbles

For those of you who have followed the Schnibbles parades for the last couple years, you might be pleased to know that Sinta and Sherry will be starting them up again. I'm not exactly sure of all that will be in store for us and I do know that with all the travelling we have planned that I will not be able to make an appearance at all the parades but let's just wait and see what the future holds.
Sinta has asked us to post all of our Schnibbles entries from last year, so this will mostly be a phot blog post. Let's look back and see what Sue and I accomplished in the Schnibbles dept since last May.

Hat Trick The first one is by by Sue and the second by Moi.

June pattern was Dulcinea and again the first is Sue's and the second is mine. Because of the story of Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha, I was inspired to take mine along on our trip to Spain to photograph it. After a gypsy band had entertained for us They were kind enough to pose with my quilt. You can read about it HERE

The next ones we did was Lincoln and I loved this one.

Sue made hers from 1930 repros and it became a baby quilt while mine was made from Avalon by Fig Tree and it turned into a table topper and went to live with a dear friend in their new home in Alberta.

I will definitely be making this one again!
The next was Mercerie and Sue used her favourite Christmas fabric collection, Countdown to Christmas while I used a French General charm pack called Petit Ecole. Mine did not get finished in time for parade because a bout of pneumonia kept me a bit under the weather. I have finished the piecing but have yet to quilt mine.

Next parade entry....

Time consuming but well worth it. I loved the finished result and it on my coffee table at the cottage as we speak.
Are you ready for a few more?

Morning Joe quickly became another favourite of mine and has found a home on my dining room table.
One month we had the option of doing a quilters choice so Sue made Open Season for her wall of her studio.

I chose to do Squared in civil war repro fabrics. Our Jersey Girl Schnibbles were very different. Sue made a pink girlie one and I used scraps from a quilt
I had been working earlier in the month.

Probably the most challenging one I have made so far was Hook.
Again Sue went Christmassy and I used more of the same scraps.

One month we did something a little different and chose a favourite mini from a guest designer Camille Roskelly. This is a perfect example of how a pattern can be so different with each quilter. Sue turned her mini into a tote bag and I embroidered the center block and made mine a wall hanging.

Our last offering was a quilt called XRated. This pattern produced 2 lovely baby quilts.

There were times when it was really difficult to squeeze in these projects but we managed. Sue and I both had decided we would bow out of this season of Schnibbles...too many projects waiting to be done, but as the time approaches I find myself wondering what is coming up and I think Sue sort of feels the same. The great thing about taking part in the Schnibbles parades is that you are not obligated. Do it when you can and bow out when you need or want contract to be signed, just a fun year of learning and sharing finished projects. Sue and I have talked about this several times and both agree that it has been a great experience. It has kept us in quilting when sometimes we were in a bit of a funk and just didn't feel inspired and it has stretched us technically and gotten us away from quick and easy,(although quick and easy is great too)
I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for us this time around and hopefully I will see you at the parade! If I don't happen to make it to some of the parade take lots of pictures will you cause I will want to see what I missed.

No matter what you do in life, a part of you still sits at a curbside, still hearing the drumbeat of a distant parade, still waiting for it to turn the corner.
Robert Brault


  1. That was a beautiful post Wendy. I love seeing Sue's quilts again and your schnibbles too! You both have been so inspiring. Thank you for all you have contributed to the parades... i wasn't always able to make the projects either.... life gets busy! The poem you added to your post is beautiful. Thanks for being a part of the group!

  2. I am just loving all these parades and "revisiting" quilts that deserve to be shown off again. I hope to see some posts from you and Sue this year, as I enjoy them so much. Safe travels, too!

  3. It's so inspiring to see all of them again! Look forward to seeing posts from you and Sue this year!


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