Friday, December 20, 2013

Lets Try This Again

I had my post all finished except for the last photo and lost it! All of it! What's up with that? It always auto saves every minute!
So now you get the "Reader's Digest Condensed" version, 'cause it's way past my bedtime!

We said "goodbye" to Williamsburg this morning and ten long hours later we said "hello" to Nashville. We gained an hour because we crossed another time zone, so that hour will be put to good use catching up on some zzz's.

Although I did a little knitting in the car, there will be no stitching this evening. I did however browse through my new book by Kim Diehl; Simple Charm.  

There are probably a half dozen projects that I would like to put on my quilting bucket list.

Falling Stars

A lovely scrappy table runner, Pie Birds

This wall hanging might look nice with a mixture of wool and cotton. It would be pretty easy to applique the houses instead of piecing.

Speaking of wool, I think I forgot to show you a little wool project I started in Cape Cod. I used the wrong sized thread to applique the star above the door so that will be coming off and being redone, but over all I think I am going to like it. Wool projects can be a little pricey but I helped defray some of the cost by recycling a wool winter coat that I no longer wear.

Primitive. Gatherings, House On The Hill

The trees and sheep still need to be stitched and then long weeping branches to be embroidered and that is one half finished. All the cutting is done for the opposite end so that should go quickly.

Another project I have my eye on is in the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. Their first ever Quilt-Along!

Between Nov.19 - Feb.5 there are 10 different bloggers making their version of Tone It Down. They are sharing tips and comments along the way. 
The bloggers?
1. Amy Ellis
2. Anne Sutton.
3. Camille Roskelley
4. Carrie Nelson.
5. Jane Davidson.
6.  Jen keltner
7. Kimber Jolly.
8.  Lisa Bongean.
9. Lissa Alexander.
10. Sherri. McConnell. 

I have purchased a few new classes from Craftsy in the last couple weeks, and I think I will round off the evening with a lesson or two. I think I have probably purchased 8-10 classes over the last two years. I highly recommend them. There are a couple free ones you can check out if you are interested and if you keep your eyes open they often have their classes at a 50% discount quite frequently.

See you in Branson tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Your new books are interesting. Thanks for the glimpse at the patterns - very pretty. The fabric isn't too shabby either.


JoAnne said...

Hmm. This blog post never showed up on my blogger dashboard. I found it on Bloglovin, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. I'm sorry your whole post disappeared. The other day I was writing an email in gmail and I hit something wrong and "poof," it was gone, too. I'm so glad you posted that Kim Diehl book because I found a great red background for the star quilt and bought it. (It was at our local quilt shop on the clearance shelf AND I had won a gift certificate for the shop, so it was free! Anyway, it isn't quite as barn red, but it has some fun dots in other colors. However, when I got home and looked in my KD books, I couldn't find it and then I couldn't remember which book it was in and I couldn't even tell on Amazon which one it was! So, thanks!!!

HollyM said...

I love the falling stars quilt and the table runner! We did 10 hours of driving today in a snowstorm to Fredericton and back. Caley was very lucky to make it in from Korea. Many flights were cancelled due to the weather.

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