Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Boy Howdy!

Our drive through Kentucky and through Missouri was a dandy! I know a lot of states received the ice and snow, but we got rain...lots and lots of it!

Several times en route our cell phones blared out alarms, both at the same time...warning us to watch for flash floods and flooded routes. This was something new to us, and although very serious, it not only startled us, but sort of made us smile, just because it made us jump...we were not quite sure what was happening at first. There were also tornado warnings, which thankfully we did not encounter. There were no flash floods but defintely flooded areas along our route.

These were farm fields, and this last photo showed a flooded farm house and barns. The farmer was at the ditches near the hiway with a tractor or back hoe trying to clean branches and debris from the culverts to drain away some of the water. Along with all the rain, the temps were dropping. When we headed out in the morning, it was 75 F degrees at 7:15 am and by 4:00pm when we reached Branson Missouri it was freezing, so slippery roads were starting to be a problem. Thankfully by that time we had finished our driving for the day. After checking in to our condo, and having a small bite to eat we went out to a show. SIX is an acapella group that entertained us with music and humour.

I know I planned to blog more frequently, but our days and nights have been very busy, with different entertainment shows and a few other things we have been looking into and when we get back to the rooms at night, all I want to do is sleep. We have seen Six, Michael J and Friends, The Haygoods(a family group) and today The Acrobats of China. All very impressive. We had front row seats for the acrobats and they were amazing and it was so interesting to even be able to see their facial expresions as they did their act. Bright lights and music and laughter evety night...thats a lot of excitement for two old folks! We visited several antique shops, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I found a unique way to display my antique and vintage rolling pins.

I think it is a wine rack, but if it isn't, at least it gave me the idea to use a wine rack for my "pins".
I have been looking for an old red toy truck. So far no luck, but I did come across something I could settle for. I bought another "spool" for my sewing room.

A few Christmas ornaments

Hope they made the journey home!

Spent a few hours in a very large quilt shop. No photos allowed...only shopping. I did manage to find a few things I "needed". 

A few patterns rounded off my purchases. 

I know you probably can't see them well, but they are quilting snow lady stitchery patterns by chickadeehollowdesigns.com
Just the names of the patterns were worth the purchase; 
Snowed In and Lovin' It; Quilting Is A Snow Sport; and Quilting Causes Global Warming...love it!

Next stop was here

My goodness I felt like a kid again!  A Five and Dime store! Goodbye Walmart!

Look at that floor! Yes it really is green, white and black linoleum tiles! And the aisles are so narrow!
Come take a look around?

Can you read that sign? "Your shopping is easier with a fold-away basket" so I took their word for it, grabbed a basket and started shopping!

When you are finished shopping you head to the cash where breakables are wrapped in old newspaper and everything packaged in a paper bag. I bought a few Christmas decorations, but
My big purchase?
Just looky here...

A couple of cast metal vintage cars! I think they will be hanging out on my bookshelf back home.
A very fine shopping experience, but I may have to go back tomorrow because I forgot to pick up my hairnets!!!


Me and My Stitches said...

What fun (minus the rain!) - I laughed out loud about your hair net comment, because I was going to ask if you bought some!

ytsmom said...

Was the quilt shop in Branson? It was destroyed by a tornado a couple of years ago, glad to know the rebuilt.

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