Saturday, December 28, 2013

And A New Year Begins

I know you're probably thinking I am a few days early, but I'm not talking about 2014. I am referring to my new year. Today I celebrated a birthday. A milestone birthday! So I am beginning a new year.
My son and daughter sent birthday wishes early this morning via text and Facebook. Michelle said, I hope Daddy spoils you answer to her was this, " daddy brought me a beautiful birthday card that had me in tears, and then coffee and my Ipad in bed this morning; while I showered he made the bed...and all this was before breakfast! So yes Michelle, he is spoiling me."
After breakfast, Mr. O did dishes and I set myself up to do a little more scrappy piecing on my granny square quilt blocks. Later we went to an amazing show in the late afternoon, and then followed that with reservations for supper at an amazing dining restaurant. The service was first rate, the food delicious, and they sang. Happybirthday to me and presented me with a wonderful chocolate truffle cake garnished with fresh berries.

The entrance to the restaurant. A magical place.

This is the lobby we waited in while waiting to be called to our table.

They have the most amazing furniture in this place. Dobyn's Dining Room, part of the Keeter Center, was actually built for the World Fair in St. Louis in 1904. Here is what their brochure says, " The Keeter Center itself, although new in 2004, is also part of history. Its design is based on the State of Maine Building from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. After the Fair, a group of St. Louis sportsmen bought the huge log cabin and had it transported to Point Lookout for use as a weekend lodge. It was known as the Maine Hunting and Fishing Club.

As time passed, the sportsmen used the Lodge less frequently, and the building fell into disrepair. Then, in 1915, Mitchell Hall in nearby Forsyth, Missouri, which housed The School of the Ozarks, burned. Needing a new building, School officials looked for a large, unoccupied building. They were able to purchase the old Maine building with insurance money collected from Mitchell Hall. Providentially, the asking price for the building and land was identical to the amount the insurance company paid for Mitchell Hall."

Inside the dining room. This is the restaurant at the "Hard Work U" that. I spoke about yesterday.
They even have their own ice Cream Parlour made with the cream that their students milk from their own dairy cows. They make and sell their own apple butter and fruitcakes, as well as hand woven items and baskets and pottery. Again, I say, a very impressive group of young people!
Mr. O bought me a beautiful bracelet from the gift shop. 

It is quite pretty and each segment of the bracelet has a word on it.

Incredible, spectacular, marvelous, phenomenal, fantastic, serenity.  I am thinking it will be a good motivator for me in the upcoming year. I mean who doesn't want to be each of those things?

Tomorrow I will tell you about a very special birthday gift from some very special friends...

One last thing....Fasten your seatbelts, we are hitting the road again in the morning. Goodbye Branson, Missouri. Hello Amarillo Texas! 
See you there!



Colleen G said...

Let me wish you a very Happy Birthday and I like the idea that it your "new year", like a do-over. Hope you continue to have a fun journey and I know your weather is better than any going on up here in the north.

Me and My Stitches said...

Happy birthday! What a great day you had - the restaurant looks wonderful - so cozy!

JoAnne said...

Happy Birthday!! I think it was really sweet of Mr. O to give you a bracelet that describes himself, haha. Actually, it describes you both very well. Have safe travels to Texas!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday Wendy!! Sounds like you were really spoiled! Way to go! Safe travels to Texas! Keep us informed, we are looking for your updates daily!

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